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  1. Merriam-Webster - Wikipedia › wiki › Merriam-webster

    Mar 27, 2021 · In 1996, Merriam-Webster launched its first website, which provided free access to an online dictionary and thesaurus. Merriam-Webster has also published dictionaries of synonyms, English usage, geography (Merriam-Webster's Geographical Dictionary), biography, proper names, medical terms, sports terms, slang, Spanish/English, and numerous others.

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  3. Japanese Wikipedia - Wikipedia › wiki › Japanese_Wikipedia

    Apr 15, 2021 · On July 15, 2003 the Japanese Wikipedia reached 10,000 articles, four months and three days after the 1,000-article milestone, beating the time it took the English Wikipedia to achieve the same feat. By early 2004 the Japanese Wikipedia contained 30,000 articles.

    • May 11, 2001; 19 years ago
    • Japanese
  4. Webster's Dictionary - Wikipedia › wiki › Merriam-Webster&

    Apr 14, 2021 · The American Heritage Publishing Co., highly critical of Webster's Third, failed in an attempt to buy out Merriam-Webster and determined to create its own dictionary, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language. In 1969, it issued a college-sized dictionary.

  5. Dictionary - Wikipedia › wiki › Online_dictionary

    Apr 10, 2021 · A dictionary is a listing of lexemes from the lexicon of one or more specific languages, often arranged alphabetically (or by radical and stroke for ideographic languages), which may include information on definitions, usage, etymologies, pronunciations, translation, etc..

  6. Shogakukan Progressive Japanese–English Dictionary - Wikipedia › wiki › Shogakukan_Progressive

    Apr 07, 2021 · Shogakukan Progressive Japanese–English Dictionary (小学館 プログレッシブ和英中辞典, Shōgakukan puroguresshibu waei chū jiten) is a medium-sized JapaneseEnglish Dictionary published by Shogakukan. The third edition (ISBN 4-09-510253-5), published in 2001, has some 90,000 entries.

  7. Japanese language - Simple English Wikipedia, the free ... › wiki › Japanese_language

    4 days ago · From Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A replica from the Man'yōshū, the oldest surviving collection of Japanese poetry from the Nara period. Written in Chinese characters, it is in the Japanese language. The story Japanese “ Botchan ”reading in Japanese (Kansai dialect).

  8. Noah Webster - Wikipedia › wiki › Noah_Webster

    4 days ago · His "Blue-backed Speller" books taught five generations of American children how to spell and read. Webster's name has become synonymous with "dictionary" in the United States, especially the modern Merriam-Webster dictionary that was first published in 1828 as An American Dictionary of the English Language.

  9. Parricide - Wikipedia › wiki › Parricide

    Apr 07, 2021 · The Criminal Code of Japan once determined that patricide brought capital punishment or life imprisonment. However, the law was abolished because of the trial of the Tochigi patricide case in which a woman killed her father in 1968 after she was sexually abused by him and bore their children. Murder of Diane and Alan Scott Johnson (2003)

  10. Dictionary - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia › wiki › Dictionary

    Apr 05, 2021 · Dictionaries which explain the meaning of words Online dictionaries. TheFreeDictionary; Longman English Dictionary Online; Dictionaries which explain what words mean will give a clear "definition" of the word (e.g. hippopotamus : a hoofed mammal with thick skin, large mouth and short legs that lives in rivers and lakes of Africa.)

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    related to: japan wikipedia the free encyclopedia dictionary merriam-webster english dictionary