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    • Makizushi. Makizushi is sushi that's rolled into long cylinders. It may be cut into shorter pieces before being served. The word makizushi can be translated "sushi roll."
    • Miso Soup. In Japan, miso soup is as important to breakfast as coffee. It's a hearty soup of dashi, miso and tofu. It often includes a variety of vegetables, seafood and meat.
    • Yakitori. Yakitori can be literally translated "grilled chicken." It's a category of Japanese cuisine that includes dozens of items that are grilled on thin bamboo skewers including every imaginable part of the chicken as well as other meats, tofu and vegetables.
    • Tempura. Tempura is deep fried fish and vegetables in a light batter. Care is taken to cook tempura at a low temperature for a short time to preserve the taste of ingredients.
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    • Sushi. Sushi is a traditional Japanese food made by combining vinegar rice and seafood (although sometimes other ingredients are also used). There is a type of fermented sushi, known as nare-zushi, but the most typical types of sushi are nigiri-zushi and temaki-zushi.
    • Tempura. Tempura is a Japanese dish made from seafood, fresh vegetables and other ingredients dipped in a flour and egg batter and fried in oil. While you can enjoy tempura at all sorts of restaurants, if you want to try it at its best, we recommend going to a specialist tempura restaurant, where each dish will be brought to your table as soon as it is ready, even if you order a lot!
    • Sukiyaki. Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish in which meat and vegetables are stewed in an iron pot. The sauce, known as warishita, is made from soy sauce and sugar.
    • Ramen. Ramen is a noodle soup dish which has grown to become incredibly popular and is thought of as a byword for Japanese food. Originally, the soup was made from a chicken bones, but in recent years, pork, beef and seafood also being used in the soup, creating a diverse range of tastes.
    • Shabu Shabu. A hotpot of thinly sliced beef or pork prepared at your table by submerging a single piece of meat in a hot broth and swishing it around until it's cooked.
    • Yakisoba. Fried noodles in a thick sweet sauce resembling tonkatsu sauce. Despite the name, Yakisoba isn't made from soba noodles but a wheat noodle similar to ramen.
    • Himono. Himono is the Japanese word for sun dried fish. It's grilled and served for breakfast at home or at hotel breakfasts. It's also served at izakaya as a nighttime treat.
    • Dango. Dango are a type of Japanese dumpling that are usually served on a stick. They have a chewy texture similar to mochi. Dango are made from mochiko: a rice flour that's used to make chewy stuff.
  4. Dec 20, 2021 · Shoyu (or soy sauce) ramen is a delicious and filling noodle soup. It's easy to cook up in less than 30 minutes for a satisfying weekday lunch, especially when you top it with a soft-boiled egg. Use store-bought chicken stock, kombu dashi soup stock, and a few other Asian pantry basics to create the signature broth. 04 of 50

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