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    • Japanese History – A Timeline of Periods and Events

      Japanese History – A Timeline of Periods and Events - Owlcation
      • Japanese Historical Periods Timeline
      • Jōmon Period (縄文時代 14,000 BC–300 BC) The earliest evidence of human habitation in the Japanese archipelago dates from over 35,000 years ago, with relics such as axes found in 224 ...
      • Yayoi Period (弥生時代 BC 900–AD 300) In most Japanese history timelines, the Yayoi Period overlaps the final years of the Jōmon Period. ...
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  2. Timeline of Japanese history - Wikipedia › wiki › Timeline_of_Japanese_history

    This is a timeline of Japanese history, comprising important legal, territorial and cultural changes and political events in Japan and its predecessor states. To read about the background to these events, see History of Japan

  3. Timeline | Japan Module › timeline
    • Jōmon Period (10,000 BCE – 300 BCE) During the Jōmon Period, Neolithic culture arrived in Japan (spreading from the Sea of Japan inward) from, it is believed, East and Southeast Asia.
    • Yayoi Period (300 BCE – 250 CE) The Yayoi Period marked a break from the Neolithic culture of the Jōmon, and a shift toward a new culture that was probably influenced by immigrants from China and Korea.
    • Yamato Period (250 – 710) The Yamato Period, commonly broken into two separate eras: the Kofun (“tumulus”) Era, from 250 to 538, and the Asuka...
    • Nara Period (710 – 794) Beginning with the establishment of the new imperial capital at Nara in 710, the Nara Period marked the incipient stage of...
  4. History of Japan: Timeline | Japan Experience › to-know › the-history-of
    • Before the 2nd Century BC: Prehistory. Prehistory (Jomon and Yayoi periods) saw the appearance of the first communities, as well as metallurgy and agriculture.
    • Before 538 AD: Kofun period. The Kofun period is named after the large mound tombs dating from this era visible at Sakai and Nara. Most of Honshu was under the control of the Yamato clan (Nara).
    • 538-710: Asuka period. The history of Japan is enriched and modeled on Chinese civilization. During this period saw the introduction of Buddhism, writing, architecture and sculpture.
    • 710-794: Nara period. Affirmation of the central power of the emperors. Construction of the first capital in Nara and its great temples: Todaiji, Kasuga Taisha, etc.
  5. Japanese History: A Chronological Outline | Asia for ... › timelines › japan_timeline

    Japanese History: A Chronological Outline. ca. 4000 BCE. Jomon Culture. Prehistoric culture ...

  6. Japanese History – A Timeline of Periods and Events - Owlcation › humanities › Japanese-History-Summary

    Jan 19, 2021 · Japanese Historical Periods Timeline Jōmon (14,000 BC–300 BC) Yayoi (BC 900–AD 300) Kofun (AD 300–AD 538) Asuka (AD 538–AD 710) Nara (AD 710–AD 794) Heian (AD 794–AD 1185) Kamakura (AD 1185–AD 1333) Muromachi (AD 1333–AD 1573) Azuchi-Momoyama (AD 1573–AD 1603) Edo (AD 1603–AD 1868) The Meiji ...

  7. History of Japan - Wikipedia › wiki › History_of_Japan

    The earliest written work of history to mention Japan, the Book of Han completed around 82 AD, states that Japan, referred to as Wa, was divided into one hundred kingdoms. A later Chinese work of history, the Wei Zhi , states that by 240 AD, one powerful kingdom had gained ascendancy over the others.

  8. Japan Timeline - World History Encyclopedia › timeline › japan

    Explore the timline of Japan. Ancient History Encyclopedia Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Canada. Ancient History Encyclopedia Limited is a non-profit company registered in the United Kingdom.

  9. Japan History and Timeline Overview - Ducksters › japan_history_timeline
    • 500s - Japanese culture is influenced by China. Chinese writing and characters are introduced.
    • 538 -The religion of Buddhism comes to Japan.
    • 593 - Prince Shotoku comes into power. He promotes Buddhism and brings peace to Japan.
    • 752 - The Great Buddha statue at Nara is completed.
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