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  1. Apr 12, 2018 · The Japanese also have a word for death due to overwork -- karoshi. If a death is judged karoshi, the victim’s family gets compensation from the government of around $20,000 per year and company ...

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  3. 1 . A firm that is marketing multimillion - dollar wastewater treatment systems to cities has been unable to sell a new type of system .This setback has occurred even though the firm ’s systems are cheaper than competitive systems and meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) specifications .

  4. can’t exist without the support of its amazing visitors. 150+ people are donating monthly out of the kindness of their hearts to keep this site alive. Please join them so that JTest4You can continue to deliver free lessons to thousands of Japanese learners around the world. By becoming a patron, you’ll have access to:

  5. For instance, the word 死体安置所 is not in WaniKani as far as I know, but the individual Kanji's are all pretty basic and I was able to read it and deduce its meaning in the context of a book without losing a beat. Death-body-peace-put-place - in other words, a morgue. All with standard On readings. Some of the mnemonics are pretty good.

  6. Jun 05, 2020 · Japanese puzzled when $1,400 U.S. stimulus checks arrive in the mail Liver-disease problems rise as more people drink at home Shiseido shifts focus to quality products that are made in Japan

  7. Dec 31, 2019 · 1. Sing along to the Kohaku. Kohaku (紅白) is a Japanese word comprised of the kanji for red and white and is also the title of a New Year’s Eve television tradition where popular musical artists split into two teams: men (the White Team) versus women (the Red Team) who face off in a singing contest. This year will mark the show’s 70th ...

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