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  1. “death” (English) in Japanese is

  2. More Japanese words for death 死 noun Shi decease 死亡 noun Shibō mortality 死神 noun Shinigami death 死去 noun Shikyo death 逝去 noun Seikyo demise, decease, dying, doom, rest 他界 noun Takai next world 上がり noun Agari rise, completion, advance, yield, stop 没 noun Botsu discard 不幸 noun Fukō misfortune, unhappiness, disaster, sorrow, woe 永眠 noun

  3. Jun 03, 2017 · What is Japanese for Death? The short answer is 死 (shi). Not only does it get used to say things like “you killed my father!” but it also gets combined with other words to form new compounds like 死神 (shini gami) for death-god (Death Note anyone?).

  4. How to say to death in Japanese Japanese Translation 死ぬまで Shinu made More Japanese words for to death 死刑する verb Shikei suru to death, execute Find more words! to death See Also in English freeze to death verb 凍死します, 凍え死ぬ starve to death 餓死します death noun 死, 死亡, 死神, 死去, 逝去 to preposition に, へ, の, まで, に対して condemned to death 死刑判決

  5. Mar 31, 2013 · The Japanese word for 'death' is 'shi', pronounced 'shee'. =P Hope that helped! What is the word for 'death' in Japanese? 'Shi.' What is the Japanese word for blitz death? Banzi.

  6. How to say instant death in Japanese Japanese Translation 即死 Sokushi More Japanese words for instant death 即死 noun Sokushi instant death Find more words! instant death See Also in English instant noun, adjective インスタント, 瞬間, 瞬時, 即席, 時刻 death noun 死, 死亡, 死神, 死去, 逝去 Nearby Translations instant coffee instantaneous velocity instantaneousness

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