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  1. The Japanese government provides standardized tests to measure spoken and written comprehension of Japanese for second language learners; the most prominent is the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), which features five levels of exams. The JLPT is offered twice a year.

  2. The place of Japanese culture and language in Australia and in the world Japanese is the official language of Japan, Australia’s northern neighbour in the Asia region. It is also widely used by communities of speakers in Hawaii, Peru and Brazil, and learnt as an additional language by large numbers of students in the Republic of Korea, China ...

  3. student definition: 1. a person who is learning at a college or university: 2. someone who is learning at a school…. Learn more.

  4. This is homophonous with the Japanese word for "calamity" (厄災 yakusai), being a fitting age for the JoJolion character Satoru Akefu, who has a calamity related ability. 86239 can be read as "hachi-roku-ni-san-kyū", and was used in Initial D as the number on the license plate of a Toyota 86. When translated, it means "thank you, eight-six".

  5. Jul 20, 2016 · Ittekimasu and Itterasshai Tadaima and Okaerinasai These Phrases: いってきます (Ittekimasu), いってらっしゃい (Itterasshai), ただいま (Tadaima), おかえりなさい (Okaerinasai) embody the Japanese spirit so well that once you grasp the nuance of their meaning, you will definitely have a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture.

  6. PhD student, PhD. student, Ph.D. student, DPhil student n: abbreviation (person studying for doctorate) estudiante de doctorado n común + loc adj : estudiante de posgrado n común + loc adj: preschool student, pre-school student n: US (child at nursery school) alumno de preescolar, alumna de preescolar grupo nom: secondary-school student, UK ...

  7. Jul 21, 2019 · The word ai shiteru 愛してる is essentially the default phrase for "I love you" in Japanese. It is also the one that arguably comes closest in meaning to the English expression "I love you." The character 愛 ai literally translates to "love," typically with the connotation of romantic love.

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