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    The following is a possible timeline for the Friday the 13th series. No timeline for the series will ever be perfect, as there are many contradictions present in the films and the spin-off media. References are made to calendar dates when relevant. Although Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter makes it seem as the original Friday the 13th was set on Friday, June 13, 1979 (June 13, 1979 was a Wednesday), the original film was most likely set on Friday, July 13, 1979.

  2. Friday the 13th… Jason’s timeline | Perception Media › 2017/10/13

    Oct 13, 2017 · Friday the 13th (1980) 1957: Jason Voorhees drowns. June 13th 1958: the beginning scene in the film shows two camp counselors being killed. This causes Cake Crystal Lake to be shut down. June 13th 1979: Pamela Voorhees murders 7 Camp Crystal Lake employees before being decapitated by the lone survivor Alice.

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    Apr 13, 2012 · July 12-13 (Friday) - Jason kills a cafe owner and his wife near Crystal Lake and gets a new outfit. He makes his way toward the summer home "Higgins Haven" and kills several vacationing teenagers. Chris survives to hit Jason in the head with an ax, but she breaks down the next morning after hallucinating an attack by Mrs. Voorhees.

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    Early life

    Born in 1969, with severe disfigurements and mental handicaps, Jason, as a child, lived near Crystal Lake with his mother Pamela Voorhees. Brought to Camp Crystal Lakeat one point by his mother, Jason (who was 11 at the time), seemingly drowned In the lake, after camp counselors failed to watch him, but in reality, Jason survived this near-drowning. Unfortunately, his mother, believing her son has died, went on a homicidal rampage in 1980 (Note: Her gravestone in one of the movies says she di...


    In 2008, a group of youths led by a boy named Wade hiked to Camp Crystal Lake. After the group sets up camp, Wade went off into the night to urinate and stumbled upon the marijuana, but as soon as he did, Jason murdered the boy with his machete. With Wade dead, Jason spied on Richie and Amanda, who are having sex in a tent. After having his presence sensed by Amanda, she sent Richie to confront the spy (whom they believe to be Wade); As a result, Jason proceeded to attack Amanda. After trappi...

    As a young boy, Jason was often bullied and teased relentlessly by fellow campers and often ignored by counselors due to his disfiguring appearance and the only one who showed him any sympathy was his mother alone. After his supposed drowning and Pamela's massacre and eventual death (which he witnessed), Jason eventually grew up into a deeply disturbed and misanthropic individual. Jason is shown to prefer to isolate himself from others and was horribly territorial as he would kill anyone who stepped foot on his turf. He lacks little if any empathy for his victims as he only has sympathy for his mother. Despite his disfigurements, Jason is not at all foolish and is extremely skilled at tricking and outsmarting his victims. He is also a resourceful and skilled hunter as he became somewhat of a survivalist living in the woods on his own. Despite this, Jason has a very short temper and if irritated in the slightest will often lash out in anger and become extremely violent (evidenced by...

    In the reboot, Jason first wore his burlap bandaged mask with one eyehole in its left side (same as in Part 2), an intimidating jacket in a very dark blue color (constructed by Jason himself by cutting off the top part of a hunting coat and sewing it over the top of a military coat) with a very worn light brown t-shirt underneath, worn out dark grey work pants and brown boots. He is once again bald (with dirty-blonde longish hair projecting backwards), skull deformities similar to his Part 2 appearance, somewhat lean and muscular build, his right eye is grayed over (possibly blindness due to severe cataract) and his malformed lips in cleft palate completely expose his deformed gums and teeth. The hockey mask, which he finds inside a barn at the middle of the movie, is very similar to the one seen in Part 3, with a creamy/beige color tone and some scratches at its face.

    Jason was born in 1969 in the reboot timeline. Unlike in the original timeline, where he was born in 1946/45, 23/24 years prior.
    He seems to have taken archery classes as a child (probably taught by his mother herself). This is seen when he uses a bow with incredible marksmanship to kill Nolan. Additionally, several trophies...
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    White nationalism. Neo-Nazism. Jason Eric Kessler (born September 22, 1983) is an American neo-Nazi, white supremacist and anti-semitic conspiracy theorist. Kessler organized the Unite the Right rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11–12, 2017 and the Unite the Right 2 rally held on August 12, 2018.

    • 2015–present
    • American
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    Jul 10, 2019 · Every Single Friday The 13th Movie (In Chronological Order) Friday the 13th has produced more than 10 movies, with Jason Voorhees visiting Manhattan and space over the years. Camp Crystal Lake started it all but it has become so much more. The Friday The 13th film franchise has taken on a life of its own.

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    Friday the 13th is a slasher film series about the undead, immortal serial killer, Jason Voorhees. This has an extremely high body count, much higher than most other slashers. Jason himself dies on a few occasions, but returns on most of them. 1 Original Timeline 1.1 Before the films 1.2 Friday the 13th 1.3 Friday the 13th Part 2 1.4 Friday the 13th Part 3 1.5 Friday the 13th: The Final ...

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    May 20, 2021 · That's because its the same head. Well, almost. The head used in Voorhees was actually a 3D print of the original head used in Friday the 13th Part 2 back in 1981. As regular readers of this blog already know, I bought the original head straight off of Lloyd Albin, who owned the camp that they filmed Part 2 at back in 1980.

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