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    Jazz fusion. Jazz fusion (also known as fusion and progressive jazz) is a music genre that developed in the late 1960s when musicians combined jazz harmony and improvisation with rock music, funk, and rhythm and blues. Electric guitars, amplifiers, and keyboards that were popular in rock and roll started to be used by jazz musicians ...

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    Jazz fusion (or " jazz-rock fusion " or fusion) is a genre or style of music. Jazz fusion mixes jazz with rock. Some jazz fusion also uses funk, rhythm and blues and world music. Jazz fusion is usually played with instruments, without singing.

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    Jazz. Xhezi (ang.:Jazz, me prejardhe të panjohur) është një formë muzikore e shekullit XX, e krijuar në Amerikën Veriore që dallohet për përzierjen e elementeve evropiane dhe afrikane. Veçori të rëndësishme të saj janë, të ashtëquajturat veprime "sinkopimi" të ritmit të melodive me ritmin bazë (Offbeat), tonet e forta e të ...

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    Jazz, jazz fusion, post bop, Latin jazz, classical music, avant-garde jazz Return to Forever , Five Peace Band , Chaka Khan As leader: Return to Forever (1972), The Leprechaun (1976), My Spanish Heart (1976), with Return to Forever : Light as a Feather (1973), Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy (1973), Where Have I Known You Before (1974), Romantic ...

  6. The Crusaders (jazz fusion group) - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Crusaders_(Houston_group)

    Max Bennett. The Crusaders were an American jazz group that was successful from the 1960s to the 1990s. The group was known as the Jazz Crusaders from its formation in 1960 until shortening its name in 1971. The Crusaders were comfortable playing a wide assortment of genres, from straight ahead jazz, to urban R&B, to R&B-based jazz, to even blues.

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    1. Nuclear fusion, multiple atomic nuclei combining to form one or more different atomic nuclei and subatomic particles 1.1. Fusion power, power generation using controlled nuclear fusion reactions 1.2. Cold fusion, a hypothesized type of nuclear reaction that would occur at or near room temperature 2. Heat fusion, a welding process for joining two pieces of a thermoplastic material 3. Melting, or transitioning from solid to liquid form

    Biology and medicine

    1. Binaural fusion, the cognitive process of combining the auditory information received by both ears 2. Binocular fusion, the cognitive process in binocular visionof combining the visual information received by both eyes 3. Cell fusion, a process in which several uninuclear cells combine to form a multinuclear cell 4. Gene fusion, a genetic event and molecular biology technique 5. Lipid bilayer fusion, a part of several cellular processes 6. Spinal fusion, a surgical technique used to combin...


    1. Fusion(Eclipse Comics) 2. Fusion (Image Comics) 3. Fusion (Marvel Comics), a name of two fictional supervillains 4. Fusion (Marvel/Top Cow), a crossover between Marvel and Top Cow Productions


    1. Fusion dance, a type of partner dance that combines two or more dance styles 2. NW Fusion Dance Company, located in Tigard, Oregon

    Film and television

    1. "Fusion" (Star Trek: Enterprise), a first-season episode of Star Trek: Enterprise 2. Fusion (TV channel), an American cable and satellite news channel 3. Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, the 15th movie in the Dragon Ballseries

    Non-profit and political organizations

    1. Fusion Party, a name for multiple political parties in American history 2. Fusion Energy Foundation, a defunct American non-profit think tank co-founded by Lyndon LaRouche in 1974 3. Fusion International, an Australian-based Christian organisation 4. Fusion of Haitian Social Democrats, a Haitian political party 5. Fusion – Sarvodaya ICT4D Movement, Information and Communications Technology for Development, Sri Lanka

    Sports teams

    1. Cleveland Fusion, a women's American football team in the NWFA 2. Fort Wayne Fusion, Arena football team 3. Miami Fusion, a professional soccer club in Fort Lauderdale 4. Philadelphia Fusion, an American esports team

    Other organizations

    1. Fusion Academy, a private alternative school in several U.S. cities 2. Fusion Media Group, a division of Univision Communications

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    Last awarded. 1991. Website. www .grammy .com. The Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance was an award given to a song or album for excellence in the jazz fusion genre, a combination of rock and jazz. It was given at the Grammy Awards, which began in 1958 under the name Gramophone Awards. Honors in several categories are presented at the ...

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    • Avantgarde Jazz
    • Jazz Metal
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    Avantgarde jazz er en eksperimental jazzgenre, der eksperimenterer fusion, avantgarde, jazz, bluesog mange flere.

    Jazz metal er en Crossover genre men er mest kendt for at blande jazz og heavy metal. Opethhar også været en stor inspiration for Jazz metal.

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    Džäss ( inglise keeles jazz) ehk džässmuusika, tsitaatsõnana ka jazz, argikeeles ka jats, on muusikastiil, mis tekkis 19. sajandi lõpus Ameerika Ühendriikide lõunaosariikides Aafrika ja Euroopa rahvamuusika ristumise tagajärjel. Džäss kasvas välja Ameerika neeger orjade töölauludest, bluusist ja spirituaalidest.

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