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    jean Jannon-- jean Joannon-- L'Île du bout du monde jean Joyet -- jean Jayet -- Vaux-sous-Aubigny johan Palm -- johan Alm -- Championnat de Suède de hockey sur glace 2012-2013 -- Église d'Ilmajoki

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    Return to Trove; Home; Newspapers & Gazettes; Browse; The Courier-Mail (Brisbane, Qld. : 1933 - 1954) View title info. Thu 12 Jun 1947 Prev issue Next issue Browse ...

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    Jan 14, 2021 · In Wikipedia, I currently find myself referenced three times in the footnotes of the “Garamond” article – though not, interestingly enough, for my 2012 blog post or the Garamond family tree in Aldus magazine. John D. Berry, ed. (2002). Language Culture Type: International Type Design in the Age of Unicode. ATypI. pp. 80–3. ISBN 978-1 ...

  4. Type designer Jean Jannon (76) (15801658) created the typeface on which most modern Garamond revivals are based. Jannon worked more than 80 years after Garamond, and was the rst to release revivals of the earlier Frenchmans work.

  5. Garamond #3 (Morris F. Benton, 1936): Morris F. Benton's Garamond appeared in 1936 and is based on the forms of Jean Jannon, which already displayed characteristics of the transitional style. Garamond #3 is available in four weights with Euro symbol. Garamond No 5: Garamond No 5 is another interpretation of the Garamond with narrow letters.

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    Dorothy L. Sayers (1893- 1957) was a popular English mystery writer, poet, playwright, essayist, and translator of Dante's Divine Comedy. Her detective character was Lord Peter Whimsey, and later, his wife Harriet Vane.

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    After Garamond's death, Christophe Plantin from Antwerp, the Le Bé type foundry and the Frankfurt foundry Egenolff-Bermer acquire a large proportion of Garamond's original punches and matrices. Garamond (or: Garamont) typefaces used nowadays should in many cases be attributed to Jean Jannon (1580-1635).

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    3.5 stars 3/1/2016. Interesting story about a quest to find a manuscript written by Caravaggio, the italian painter. This manuscript is supposed to have information about his death. I think the author should have written a little more about the painter, but I have to accept that I did learn some things about him.

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    The first subsection of ‘3.3 Ligatures’, which is on page 50, is entitled: 3.3.1 Use the ligatures required by the font, and the characters required by the language, in which you are setting the type. In most roman faces the letter f reaches into the space beyond it. In most italics, the f reaches into the space on both sides.

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    If you are considering using one or the other in book design, then William Franklin Adams’ answer is very good for assessing the strengths and weaknesses of each. I would add to it that Garamond Premier Pro is the most formal, classic and possibly...

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