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  1. Jeff Lynne - Wikipedia

    On 20 June 2019, Jeff Lynne's ELO began a North American tour with Dhani Harrison. On 26 September 2019, Jeff Lynne's ELO announced a new album, called From Out of Nowhere, which was subsequently released on 1 November of the same year. The album was accompanied by the release of an eponymous single which premiered on BBC Radio 2 that same day.

  2. Jeff Lynne and the Beatles - Wikipedia

    Jeff Lynne is an English rock musician who founded the Electric Light Orchestra and has performed with and produced other artists, including Tom Petty and Roy Orbison.He has collaborated on various projects with former members of the Beatles

  3. Video! - Wikipedia!

    Video! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia " Video! " is a song by Jeff Lynne from the soundtrack to the film Electric Dreams in 1984. It is one of two songs that Lynne and keyboard player Richard Tandy provided for the film's soundtrack.

    • "Sooner or Later"
    • 1984
  4. Jeffrey ("Jeff") Lynne (born 30 December 1947, Birmingham, England) is a British musician (guitar, piano and bass guitar), songwriter and music producer.His longtime band was the Electric Light Orchestra (also known as ELO), but he worked with many other artists, including Duane Eddy, members of the Travelling Wilburys (Lynne himself was one also), and The Beatles.

    • Jeffrey Lynne
    • 30 December 1947 (age 72), Birmingham, England
  5. All rights reserved A compilation of 21 official and unpublished songs by Jeff Lynne R&UT Private Collection

  6. Armchair Theatre (album) - Wikipedia

    The song "Save Me Now" ends at minute 1:53. After 15 seconds of silence (1:53 - 2:08), an unusual whirring sound and seagull cawing are heard for 13 seconds. After the whirring sound there are 10 seconds of silence, followed by Jeff Lynne saying "Hey, it's still going y'know," and chimes ringing. 2013 remaster bonus tracks "Borderline" - 2:24

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  8. Video – Jeff Lynne’s ELO

    Videos. Jeff Lynne's ELO - Time of Our Life. Jeff Lynne's ELO - From Out of Nowhere. ... Jeff Lynne's ELO - When the Night Comes. Jeff Lynne's ELO - One Step at a Time.

  9. Jeff Lynne's ELO live 2020 Full Concert - YouTube

    Jeff Lynne's ELO live 2020 Full Concert

    • 58 min
    • 51.3K
    • Srgceballos page
  10. Full 2017 concert. This is a footage of all the best clips on the internet from all the concerts on the UK tour 2017, Wembley, Glasgow, Hull and Sheffield. S...

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