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  1. Mar 04, 2014 · Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy's racy selfies hit the Internet on Monday, March 3, and the 21-year-old thinks she knows who is responsible for the leak. The "iCarly" alum tweeted that the three photos featuring her in lacy lingerie were apparently only sent to one person, and insinuated that her ex-boyfriend, NBA star Andre Drummond, is the culprit.

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  4. Sep 29, 2021 · March 2014 saw Jennette McCurdy face a tough time in the media after personal photos were leaked to the world showing her in some compromising positions wearing lingerie (via HuffPost).

    • Jennette's Rumored Boyfriends and Her Controversial 'First' Relationship
    • Jennette's Relationship with Renee Drummond
    • Jennette's Last Known Relationship

    Like any Hollywood starlet, Jennette was rumored to have been with a number of young men during the earliest part of her career. Among them was Bill Engvall Show star, Graham Patrick Martin. The List claims she was dating Graham in 2004 throughout 2008, but there's no evidence to suggest that this is true. It's simply a rumor. As was her alleged romantic encounter with Max Ehrich, the man who was recently involved with Demi Lovato and stirred up all that drama. Again, it's unlikely that Jennette was actually involved with him but it's an interesting thought given Max's propensity for women who are more successful than he is. What we do know is that Jennette's first confirmed relationship was when she was 18-years-old on the set of iCarly. Even many Hollywood romances happen on the set, the young woman who played Sam didn't go for one of her co-stars. She went for a member of the writing staff... one who happened to be subretinally older than her. It was 2013 when Jennette first star...

    Of course, due to what the relationship was based on, things with Paul ended right before Jennette's mother passed away. And shortly after Jennette lost her mother, she became involved with another man, the hunky NBA star Renee Drummond. While we don't know precisely who initiated it, we do know that the pair met on social media so it appears as though somebody slid into the other's DMs. While Jennette and Renee posted a few PDA-filled photos of themselves on social media during their romance, things soon ended... and with quite a bit of drama. After Jennette went of Peter Holme's "You Made It Weird" podcast in 2014 and claimed that Renee was a bad kisser, her private photos leaked online. Jennette's response on Twitter following the leak revealed a lot about her relationship with Renee as well as why she has seemingly tried to keep her romances away from the public eye. Related: Did Ariana Grande Make More Than Jennette McCurdy On 'Sam & Cat'? "To anyone disappointed: I sent those...

    It's pretty crazy to think that Jennette's last reported relationship ended in 2016. This was with her co-star onNetflix's Between. According to J-14, Jennette started up another brief relationship with Jesse Cerere while the two were filming the mystery show together. Much like her previous two relationships, Jennette did share a few photos of the two of them getting extremely cozy on her social media accounts. But this relationship was also extremely short-lived. We don't know what precisely went wrong but it seemingly has to do with the fact that Jennette was still trying to figure out who she needed to be. Jennette's terrible and allegedly brutal relationship with her mother certainly played a massive impact in her ability to figure out who she was and what she wanted. "I think from an early age I learned to be whatever person people needed me to be," Jennette said in an interview. While she may not have had any reported relationships since 2016, it may be a good thing as Jennet...

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  5. Nov 02, 2021 · Related: Twitter Speaks Out Against 'iCarly' Revival Series In Support Of Jennette McCurdy. Many viewed the video as a cry for help and an allusion to abuse. Since many actresses fear that speaking out against abuse will damage their careers, it was generally believed that McCurdy opted for a cryptic outing of Schneider as an alleged abuser.

  6. Jul 24, 2014 · Nickelodeon actress Jennette McCurdy is best known for two things: Starring alongside Ariana Grande in the recently cancelled Sam and Cat and having her lingerie selfies leaked online. The 22-year ...

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