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  1. Jennifer Buffett co-founded the NoVo Foundation with her husband, Peter Buffett. Peter, as you might have already heard or surmised, is the youngest son of business magnate, Warren Buffett. The husband-and-wife tandem began their philanthropic work when Warren handed them 100,000 dollars in 1999 to fund a small foundation.

  2. Dec 20, 2010 · Jennifer Buffett, President/Co-Chair, NoVo Foundation December 20, 2010 Since the beginning of organized philanthropy in the United States, women have been counted among the most effective advocates for the concept of "private dollars for the public good."

  3. Jennifer Buffett is Co-Chairman/Co-President at Novo Foundation. See Jennifer Buffett's compensation, career history, education, & memberships.

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  4. Mar 20, 2012 · Jennifer Buffett, as President of the NoVo Foundation, is responsible for the day-to-day creation and oversight of vision, strategy and program development, and is chief liaison in NoVo’s partnership building with other foundations and nonprofits.

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    Jennifer Buffett has funded community projects in Milwaukee since 1997. Jennifer currently serves on the board of V-Day, a feminist advocacy group founded by Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler. Peter Buffett is known as a musician, composer, and television producer. The Buffetts founded NoVo in 2006 when Warren Buffett provided funding as part of his pledge to give away the majority of his fortune to charity. Ideologically, the Buffetts functionally align with the anti-capitalist left. Peter wrote a New York Timesopinion piece condemning micro-lending and financial literacy. “People will certainly learn how to integrate into our system of debt and repayment with interest. People will rise above making $2 a day to enter our world of goods and services so they can buy more. But doesn’t all this just feed the beast?” In 2020, the NoVo Foundation was one of the key recipients of a $15.97 million gift of Berkshire Hathaway stock from Warren Buffett.

    NoVo supports a number of community foundations, liberal donor-advised funds, and left-of-center incubators which support liberal advocacy. In 2016, NoVo gave $21,913,104 to the Tides Foundationto support a large number of special projects including Foundation, Student Voice, and the European Women’s Lobby. NoVo provided Community Initiatives of San Francisco with $250,000. Community Initiatives funds many left-of-center projects which support environmentalists, LGBT activists, and liberal media projects. NoVo maintains a donor-advised fund through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation; in 2016, NoVo provided the fund with $471,500. The Greater Milwaukee Foundation funds left-wing groups and projects such as Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin, liberal get out the vote campaigns, and environmentalist groups. The Ms. Foundation for Women obtained $2,150,000 from NoVo for “general support.” The Ms. Foundation gives to a host of left-wing groups including Adhikaar for Human Rights,...

    LGBT Interests

    NoVo provided $350,000 to Borealis Philanthropy for its Fund for Trans Generations. The fund is used to support transgender activists and organizations. In 2019, the fund provided financial support to over 50 transgender-interests projects. National LGBTQ Task Force received $100,000 from NoVo. Founded in 1973, the task force calls itself the oldest LGBT rights group in the United States and began pushing Democrats towards embracing LGBT interests in the 1970s. The National LGBTQ Task Force s...

    Pro-Abortion and Feminist Groups

    Equality Now received $1,450,000 from NoVo. Equality Now advocates for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA), a longstanding goal of the American left-wing. The ERA bans discrimination “on account of sex,” which Equality Now claims could codify into the Constitution legal protections for the LGBT community. Equality Now also supports the expansion of abortion. NoVo gave Forward Together, a group that pushes a pro-abortion agenda, $200,000. Forward Together has lobbied for paid...

    Left-of-Center Economics

    Center for Popular Democracy (CPD) received $500,000 from NoVo. CPD is connected to left-wing organizations with its board members having worked for the NAACP, AFL-CIO, and the American Civil Liberties Union. Past CPD campaigns include providing over $1,000,000 to support a ballot measure in Colorado in increase the minimum wage and “fair workweek” legislation which put burdens on business which made it hard to hire part time workers. NoVo gave Demos $200,000. Demos is associated with Elizabe...

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  6. May 26, 2020 · In 2010, Peter and Jennifer Buffett bought a 19th century farmhouse for $1.2 million in Kingston, a historic city perched on the west bank of the Hudson River, about 100 miles north of Manhattan.

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