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    Jennifer Fairgate. The Oslo Plaza hotel is known for the mysterious death of an unidentified woman in 1995. On June 3, 1995, the body of a woman was found inside room 2805. She checked into the hotel with the false name of "Jennifer Fairgate". Her death was ruled a suicide with a Browning 9mm pistol found in her hand. However, the lack of gunshot residue and blood on her hand raised questions about the cause of death.

    • Oslo
    • Radisson Blu, Radisson SAS (former)
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    Jun 03, 1995 · Jennifer Fergate. Real Name: Unknown Nicknames: Jennifer Fergate, Jennifer Fairgate Location: Oslo, Norway Date: June 3, 1995. Bio [edit | edit source] Occupation: Unknown Date of Birth: 1960-1974 (approx.) Height: 5'2" Weight: 147 pounds Marital Status: Unknown Characteristics: Caucasian female. Short black hair (possibly dyed), blue eyes.

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  4. In 1995, "Jennifer Fergate" was found dead in her ... - reddit › r › UnresolvedMysteries

    Summary: On May 31, 1995, at 10.44 p.m, a woman named Jennifer Fairgate (signature says Fergate) checked in to room 2805 at the Oslo Plaza Hotel in Norway. Her order also included another person named "Lois Fairgate". For unknown reasons, she was not asked to provide any form of identification at the time.

  5. 39: Itchy Spies - Jennifer Fairgate & The Isdal Woman ... › podcast › square-mile-of-murder

    Nov 11, 2020 · Jennifer Fairgate, the pseudonym of the woman found dead at the Plaza Hotel in Oslo, and the Isdal Woman, were both found dead in Norway with no real identification.

  6. ASMR Unsolved Mysteries - Jennifer Fairgate (A Death in Oslo ... › asmr-unsolved-mysteries-jennifer

    ASMR Unsolved Mysteries – Jennifer Fairgate (A Death in Oslo) by 5 mois ago 5 mois ago #ASMR Hey everyone, in this small video series I want to do a reaction video to each episode of the Netflix documentary Unsolved Mysteries.

  7. My impression from her autopsy photographs : JenniferFairgate › r › JenniferFairgate

    38 votes, 25 comments. Hi all, I am a longtime True Crime intressee but I have only been introduced to Jennifer Fairgate's story via Vol 2 of the …

  8. Jeremy Bamber and the White House Farm Murders: Wrongful ... › true-crime-articles › wrongful
    • Beyond Reasonable Doubt?
    • Early Morning, 7th August 1985 – The First Story
    • The Cold Light of Day
    • Genesis of The Second Story
    • Life Means Life
    • The Fallible Evidence
    • Final Thoughts

    Rarely have I flip-flopped so much between ‘guilty’ or ‘innocent’ when reading about a possible wrongful conviction as I have reading about Jeremy Bamber. It is said that the case has generated 3.5 million pages of paperwork which would explain why curious minds can find almost any evidence to support any theory. But what stands out – and what I hope is abundantly clear once one has grasped the basics of the case – is that a major player in the confusion surrounding the terrible event at White House Farm is the very police force that investigated it. As with my article on Jennifer Fairgate, this case is a locked-house mystery that centres on a dead woman with a gun. Was it murder-suicide or murder? Most unfortunately (and rather unlike the Oslo Plaza case) there are four other victims who were most certainly murdered and may have had proper justice denied. This may be the most unusual of cases – one where the suspect is guilty but the conviction is unsafe because almost every single...

    The police log shows that Jeremy Bamber called Chelmsford Police Station (rather than the 999 emergency number) at 03:36am. He had received a call from his father saying that his sister, Sheila Caffell, was ‘going berserk’ with a gun. A police car was dispatched to the address and Bamber was asked to meet them there. On arrival, Bamber discusses the situation outside the house with officers Bews, Myall and Saxby; it is while they are making observations about the doors and windows that Bamber points out movement at a first floor window. One of the officers concurs and this prompts a call to request backup in the form of an armed response unit. Whilst the armed unit is readying, officers at the scene spend another two hours trying to contact by loudhailer anyone inside the farmhouse. It is widely accepted that there was no response to the hails, although this is contradicted by an entry in the police log at 05:25am stating they are ‘in conversation with someone from inside the farm’....

    The massacre at White House Farm looked like a case of murder-suicide, at least according to head of the investigation Detective Chief inspector (DCI) Taff Jones. Almost immediately there were whispers that the scene was unusual but, for now, Jones kept his men in line and the scene-of-crime team set to work. It is telling that nearly one month later Jones was replaced by Detective Superintendant Mike Ainsley, someone who believed from the get-go that they should be looking for a murderer. Regardless of any one officer’s view, the crime scene should have been sealed, photographed and tested in the rigorous manner we expect from police of that era. Maybe it was lack of experience with such a scene (this kind of crime being relatively rare in the UK) or maybe it was Jones’ insistence on the suicide angle, but evidence has emerged that paints a picture of a shambolic scene-of-crime process and slap-dash preservation. This scenario seemed plausible, not least because the house appeared...

    It would sound crazy coming from anyone else, but the pathologist who examined Sheila Caffell noted that it was the 4th or 5th time he had seen a suicide with two shots to the head. Dr Vaneziz was one of the first officials to join DCI Jones in being happy with the suicide verdict. His report also describes no sign of a fight or struggle – but that is a contradiction, surely? If there were no signs of a struggle then who fought with Nevill Bamber? The 61 year old farmer had not died without a fight. Not only was he shot 4 times in the head and four times in the body, he had received a fractured jaw, broken nose, bruising to the arms and damage to the larynx. Some of the injuries, according to Dr Vaneziz, would have made it almost impossible for him to talk on the phone. Was it not also far-fetched to believe that the slight frame of Sheila Caffell could have inflicted those injuries to her 6-foot 4-inch father without receiving any in return? photo credit: Jeremy Bamber Campaign.

    With testimony from Julie Mugford that he confessed to the crime, evidence found by his cousin David Boutflour and the loose ends of the story tied up, conviction was all but assured. Indeed, the judge overseeing the trial even instructed the jury that “On the evidence of the scratch marks alone you may find the defendant guilty”. Such was the importance placed on the bloodied sound moderator. Jeremy Bamber was found guilty and given 5 life sentences on the strength of these facts – so what if the facts were not entirely as they seemed? Miscarriages of justice are more common than anyone would like and it would be hard enough to accept a 25-year minimum sentence if found guilty unfairly. But what if that sentence was increased to a ‘whole-life tariff’? In UK law this is a sentence that means incarceration until the death of the prisoner and is a judgement that can be made by the judge or the Home Secretary long after a case has been heard. Some criminals with the dubious honour of b...

    One phone call, or two?

    I shall attempt to broach each piece of evidence in chronological order of the night of the crime, the start of which can be taken to be Jeremy Bamber’s call to police. His story is that Nevill called him and he then waited around 10 minutes before calling police. It does sound very suspicious that he not only delayed 10 minutes, but he chose to call a local police station directly rather than dial the 999 emergency number. Strangely, police records may seem to back up his tale. So we have a...

    Dead bodies don’t move

    Another central piece to the first scenario (that Sheila Bamber was responsible) is whether or not there was movement within the farm. The movement in the upstairs window was seen by Bamber and an officer, but that officer says that he moved back and forth and decided there was an optical illusion of the moon reflecting in the glass. This is a perfectly reasonable assumption to make but we must also accept that it may not have been what they saw. Let’s not forget that a log at 05:25am states...

    The trouble with Sheila Caffell

    Sheila Caffell was a troubled person . She had spent time in a mental health hospital between 1983 and 1985 and was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Although on anti-psychotic medication, her dose of Haloperidol was halved one month before the tragedy. A known side-effect of Haloperidol was suicidal thoughts and for this reason she was also prescribed the antidepressant Anafranil. The pathologist was sure to remark that there were no marks or injuries to her body other than the two guns...

    As usual, my mind has changed multiple times while reviewing the evidence for this article. There are some real problems with Jeremy Bamber’s story, not least: 1. Why did Nevill call Jeremy before the police? 2. How did Nevill even make the call without getting any blood on the phone, or considering the injuries he sustained? 3. Why did Jeremy not call the emergency 999 number once he knew his family were in danger? Why the 10 minute delay? 4. How did Sheila overpower Nevill with no injuries to herself? The problem with these questions is that Jeremy Bamber himself can only answer the third one. If he wasn’t there then he’s none the wiser than anyone else as to what happened, and they all remain unanswered. If he did commit the crimes, there are equally puzzling questions to answer: 1. Why are there two police call logs, suggesting Nevill called 10 minutes earlier just as Jeremy said he did? 2. What was Sheila doing while Jeremy was shooting the rest of her family? 3. Why do multipl...

  9. JF and the Mossad theory : JenniferFairgate › r › JenniferFairgate

    Oslo negotiations happened in many rounds and had ups and downs, it started in/around '93-'94 but it wasn't just a one-and-done round of negotiations, it went on for years. Norway was involved in facilitating a safe space for both sides, which means the country accepted the security teams of both sides, and had an interest in letting them ...

  10. Rape? : JenniferFairgate › r › JenniferFairgate

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