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    JeromeASF 289K views1 year ago Becoming The FLASH In Minecraft INSANE CRAFT W/ Ssundee JeromeASF 302K views1 year ago Becoming THOR In Minecraft INSANE CRAFT W/ Ssundee JeromeASF 189K views1...

  2. Saint Jerome (fourth century) was a scholar who prepared the Latin Vulgate, the standard accepted text of the Bible in the common language of the time. He is often portrayed with a lion, from the legend that he removed a thorn from the lion's pad and won the beast's lifelong loyalty. Jeroen is the Dutch form: Jerôme is French.

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    Jerome was a scholar at a time when that statement implied a fluency in Greek. He knew some Hebrew when he started his translation project, but moved to Jerusalem to strengthen his grip on Jewish scripture commentary. A wealthy Roman aristocrat, Paula, funded his stay in a monastery in Bethlehem and he completed his translation there.

  4. The name Jerome is boy's name of Greek origin meaning "sacred name". Jerome has a bespectacled, serious, studious image, just like its namesake saint, who was a brilliant scholar. St. Jerome is the patron saint of students, librarians, and archaeologists. Musical namesakes include Jerome Kern and Jerome Robbins, and Jerome is also the birthname ...

  5. Jan 4, 2022 · Jerome is considered one of the early church fathers for his work in translating the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures into Latin, the most widely used language at that time. This translation of the Bible is called the Latin Vulgate and was a critical part of the expansion of Christianity in the early centuries. Vulgate means “common or commonly known.”

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