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  1. Jerzy Żuławski was born into a strongly patriotic Polish household in the village of Lipowiec, near Rzeszów, a major city in the region of Galicia.In 1772, Galicia, with its capital Lwów, was separated from Poland in the First Partition and, for the next 146 years, became part of the Austrian Habsburg Empire.

    • Jerzy Żuławski, 14 July 1874
    • 9 August 1915 (aged 41)
  2. Wawrzyniec Jerzy Żuławski (14 February 1916, in Zakopane – 18 August 1957, in the Alps), also known as Wawa, was a Polish alpinist, educator, composer, music critic, and musicologist. He was a professor of Państwowa Wyższa Szkoła Muzyczna in Warsaw. Żuławski was an initiator and organiser of Polish alpinism.

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    Wawrzyniec Jerzy Żuławski (1916–1957), Polish alpinist, composer and writer Xawery Żuławski (born 1971), Polish film director, the son of Andrzej Żuławski Zygmunt Żuławski (1880–1949), Polish politician and activist

  5. Jerzy Żuławski (granduncle) Andrzej Żuławski ( Polish: [ˈandʐɛj ʐuˈwafskʲi] ; 22 November 1940 – 17 February 2016) was a Polish film director and writer. Żuławski often went against mainstream commercialism in his films, and enjoyed success mostly with European art-house audiences.

    • 1971–2016
    • 17 February 2016 (aged 75), Warsaw, Poland
  6. So, I flipped out and I was frothing at the mouth just trying to track down a copy of this book and as it turns out, there isn't a version available in English. Is anyone interested in this series of books? There has to be a demand for it, right? Can we crowdsouce a translation? Edit: Jerzy Żuławski wrote this series of books.

  7. Jerzy Żuławski. Jerzy Żuławski , född den 14 juli 1874 nära Limanowa , Galizien , död den 9 augusti 1915 i Dębica , var en polsk författare . Żuławski studerade filosofi , först vid Zürichs universitet , och avslutade sina studier vid Berns universitet med doktorsavhandlingen Das Problem der Kausalität bei Spinoza (1899).

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