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  1. Joan II of Navarre. Joan II ( French: Jeanne; 28 January 1312 [a] – 6 October 1349) was Queen of Navarre from 1328 until her death. She was the only surviving child of Louis X of France, King of France and Navarre, and Margaret of Burgundy. Joan's paternity was dubious because her mother was involved in a scandal, but Louis X declared her his ...

  2. John II ( Spanish: Juan II, Catalan: Joan II, Aragonese: Chuan II and Basque: Joanes II; 29 June 1398 – 20 January 1479), called the Great ( el Gran) or the Faithless ( el Sense Fe ), [1] was King of Aragon from 1458 until his death in 1479. As the husband of Queen Blanche I of Navarre, he was King of Navarre from 1425 to 1479.

  3. Jeanne d'Albret ( Basque: Joana Albretekoa; Occitan: Joana de Labrit; 16 November 1528 – 9 June 1572), also known as Jeanne III, was Queen of Navarre from 1555 to 1572. Jeanne was the daughter of Henry II of Navarre and Margaret of Angoulême. In 1541, she married William, Duke of Jülich-Cleves-Berg.

    • 25 May 1555 – 9 June 1572
    • Henry II
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  5. Jun 20, 2016 · Queens Regnant – Joan II of Navarre. Queen Joan I’s marriage to Philip IV of France had brought Navarre into French hands, and the two were united in one person, until Joan II. The future Joan II was born as the daughter of Louis X of France (Louis I of Navarre) and Margaret of Burgundy in 1312. Her mother became entangled in the Tour de ...

  6. Joan of Navarre. Born into Navarrese nobility, Joan became Queen of England after marrying Henry IV of England in 1402. She was wealthy, as first the widow of a duke and later a king, but unpopular in England. Key Fact: She was imprisoned at Pevensey Castle in 1419 by her stepson, King Henry V.

  7. Joan of Navarre, also known as Joanna ( c. 1368 – 10 June 1437) was Duchess of Brittany by marriage to Duke John IV and later Queen of England as the second wife of King Henry IV. She served as regent of Brittany from 1399 until 1403 during the minority of her son. She also served as regent of England during the absence of her stepson Henry V ...

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