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  1. Sep 13, 2022 · How much money or power promised? ‘Huge Development’: Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin Starts To Crack On Filibuster, Signals Openness To Change: 03/08/21: 8: Rupert Murdoch-funded Fox Corp. PAC contributes to Democrat Joe Manchin’s campaign: 07/15/21: 9: Joe Manchin Opposes Biden’s Infrastructure Plan, Says ‘6 or 7 Other Democrats’ Feel ...

  2. Sep 27, 2022 · A procedural vote advancing the effort cleared easily, 72-23, after Democrats announced that Manchin’s proposal would be stripped from the final legislation.

  3. Aug 17, 2022 · “Had any of those Democrats lost their elections – had Joe Manchin, for instance, decided against running for reelection in 2018 in his heavily Republican home state, or had Democrats not eked out two Senate wins in Georgia last year – then the bill would not have made it across the finish line.”

  4. Aug 22, 2019 · Seats up for election. There are 35 U.S. Senate seats up for election in 2022—14 seats held by Democrats and 21 held by Republicans. The map below shows what seats are up for election, the incumbent heading into the election in each state, whether each seat is open, recent Senate and presidential election margins of victory, and race ratings.

  5. The Extending Government Funding and Delivering Emergency Assistance Act (H.R. 5305) was a bill passed by the 117th Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden (D) on September 30, 2021, that provided for continuing fiscal year 2022 appropriations to federal agencies through December 3, 2021, in order to prevent a government shutdown that would have otherwise occurred without the ...

  6. The 2020 West Virginia gubernatorial election was held on November 3, 2020, to elect the Governor of West Virginia, concurrently with the 2020 U.S. presidential election, as well as elections to the United States Senate, elections to the United States House of Representatives and various state and local elections.

  7. Sep 22, 2022 · Sen. Joe Manchin has abandoned his push to speed up the permitting process for energy projects. His decision eases the Senate’s path toward passing a stopgap spending bill that would keep the federal government running when the fiscal year ends at midnight Friday and provide more aid to Ukraine.