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      • Johannes Brahms (1833-1897) German composer and pianist – Johannes Brahms was born in Hamburg (city and federal state in the North of Germany) on May 7th, 1833 and died in Vienna (capital of and state in Austria) on April 3rd, 1897 at the age of 63. Today Johannes Brahms would be 188 years old.
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  2. Johannes Brahms - Bio, Family, Trivia | Famous Birthdays › people › johannes-brahms

    DEATH DATE. Apr 3, 1897 ( age 63 ) Popularity. Most Popular #35686. Composer #41. Born in 1833 #3. First Name Johannes #4. Born in Hamburg, Germany #14. Taurus Composer #3.

    • May 7, 1833
    • April 3, 1897
  3. Johannes Brahms - Celebrity biography, zodiac sign and famous ... › people › johannes-brahms

    Johannes Brahms' birthday is on May 7, 1833. In how many days is his birthday? Johannes' birthday is in 292 days. How old was Johannes when he died? He was 63 years old. When did he die? He died in April 3, 1897. How old would he be today? Johannes Brahms would be 188 years old if he was alive today. Where was Johannes from? He was born in Hamburg, Germany. Johannes Brahms' Popularity

    • May 7, 1833
    • April 3, 1897
  4. Johannes Brahms | Who2 › bio › johannes-brahms

    Johannes Brahms died at 63 years old Born: May 7, 1833 Died: April 3, 1897 (liver cancer)

  5. Johannes Brahms - Age, Birthday, Biography, Movies, Albums ... › person › johannes-brahms

    Is Johannes Brahms still alive? No, he died on 04/03/1897, 124 years ago. He was 63 years old when he died. Cause of death: liver cancer. He died in Vienna and buried in Vienna Central Cemetery. What was Johannes's zodiac sign? Johannes Brahms zodiac sign was taurus. Works

    • Germany
    • Hamburg, Germany
  6. Johannes Brahms' Death - Cause and Date - The Celebrity Deaths › johannes-brahms-death

    The composer Johannes Brahms died at the age of 63. Here is all you want to know, and more! Biography - A Short Wiki. Virtuoso pianist and composer whose best-known pieces include “Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel” and the “Saint Anthony Variations.” He has been referred to as one of the “Three Bs,” alongside Bach and Beethoven.

    • May 7, 1833
    • April 3, 1897
  7. Johannes Brahms, horoscope for birth date 7 May 1833, born in ... › astro-databank › Brahms,_Johannes
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    German musician, a composer, pianist and conductor. His compositions of every type of music, except opera, are still played. Brahms was the son of a seamstress, lame and homely, 17 years older than her husband, who lavished affection upon the boy. With a strong attachment to her until her death in 1865, Brahms cried out over her grave, "I no longer have a mother. I must marry!" His father was a double bass player who literally eked out a living playing in a cafe near Hamburg. At one time his dad tried raising chickens and rabbits, at another time, attempted business in a small shop; he even considered emigrating to America. Jakob Brahms instilled in his son a desire for bourgeois respectability and comfort, but also a restless independence. Adept as a youngster, the boy first played piano professionally at 13 in taverns near the Hamburg docks where sailors just in from long voyages came to bed down with the ladies of the town. Always courteous to prostitutes, who found him an eager...

    associate relationship with Barth, Richard(born 5 June 1850)
    associate relationship with Jaëll, Marie(born 17 August 1846)
    friend relationship with Jensen, Adolf(born 12 January 1837)
    friend relationship with Schumann, Clara(born 13 September 1819)
    friend relationship with Volkmann, Robert(born 6 April 1815)
    has other family relationship with Annot(born 27 December 1894). Notes: Godfather

    Relationship : Meet a significant person September 1853 (Met Clara Schumann) chart Placidus Equal_H.

    Barbault quotes Hans Ritter for an old parochial register. Kraum gave the same data in "Astrol Rundschau," NAJ, 7/1935. Andre Barbault in personal correspondence with LMR May 2001 confirms the data from Ritter. (Formerly, Lyndoe had 3:40 AM in AA, 1/1968. Robert Jansky had 4:00 PM. Sabian Symbols No.124 has 3:41 AM) Sy Scholfield quotes the catalogue "Johannes Brahms: The Man and His Work" (Kurt Hofmann et al, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, 1980), p. 7: "Excerpt from the baptismal records of St. Michaelis in Hamburg from the year 1833 PHOTOGRAPH The birth of Johannes Brahms on May 7th at 3:30 am is recorded under number 494. He was baptized on May 26, 1833."

    Traits : Body : Other body (Rumpled, untidy in person)
    Traits : Mind : Child prodigy (Piano)
    Diagnoses : Major Diseases : Cancer (Liver)
    Family : Childhood : Family extraordinarily supportive (Adored by his mom)
    Family : Relationship : Married late/never (Never married)
    Family : Relationship : Other relationship (Subject to unrequited loves)
  8. Johannes Brahms | BOOK OF DAYS TALES › johannes-brahms

    Today is the birthday (1833) of Johannes Brahms, a German composer and pianist. He was born in Hamburg into a Lutheran family, but spent much of his professional life in Vienna. Unlike many great masters, Brahms’s popularity and influence were considerable in his lifetime. Unlike Mozart and Beethoven, for example, Brahms died a rich man.

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