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  1. Biography. Monument to John George in Johanngeorgstadt. Born in Dresden, John George was the second son of the Elector Christian I and Sophie of Brandenburg. He belonged to the Albertine line of the House of Wettin . Engraving of John George I, Elector of Saxony. Anselm van Hulle.

  2. John George I of Saxony, (born March 5, 1585, Dresden, Saxony—died Oct. 18, 1656, Dresden), elector of Saxony from 1611, and the “foremost Lutheran prince” of Germany, whose policies lost for Saxony opportunities for ascendancy and territorial expansion. The leader of the German Lutherans, for most of his life John George proved an ...

  3. John George I, Elector of Saxony: | | | John George I | | | | ... World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the ...

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  4. John George I of Saxony (German: Johann Georg I) (5 March 1585 – 8 October 1656) was Elector of Saxony from 1611 to 1656. His reign coincided with much of the Thirty Years' War, during which the Protestant John George often aligned with whichever side could guarantee that he would retain his lands. He was aligned for a time with Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden, but switched sides a few years ...

    • 1585
    • Germany
    • 1656
    • Lutheranism
  5. Aug 21, 2017 · About Johann Georg I, Elector of Saxony. Johann Georg Prinz von Sachsen. Member of the House of Wettin. Kurfürst von Sachsen in 1611. Elector of Saxony; Reign 23. June 1611 – 8.

    • Sophia Eleonore of Saxony
    • Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland (HRR)
    • March 05, 1585
    • Dresden, Sachsen, Deutschland (HRR)
  6. Nov 17, 2020 · John George II (b. Dresden, 31 May 1613 – d. Freiberg, 22 August 1680), successor of his father as Elector of Saxony. Augustus (b. Dresden, 13 August 1614 – d. Halle, 4 August 1680), inherited Weissenfels as Duke. Christian I (b. Dresden, 27 October 1615 – d. Merseburg, 18 October 1691), inherited Merseburg as Duke.

  7. JOHN GEORGE I. (1585-1656), elector of Saxony, second son of the elector Christian I., was born on the 5th of March 1585, succeeding to the electorate in June 1611 on the death of his elder brother, Christian II. The geographical position of electoral Saxony hardly less than her high standing among the German Protestants gave her ruler much ...

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