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    Sep 01, 2018 · The eldest of McCain's children, Doug, 58, was the first of Carol McCain's two sons from her first marriage. After wedding Carol, McCain quickly adopted Doug and his younger brother, Andy.

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    • Lauren Weigle
    • Meghan McCain. Meghan McCain was born on October 23, 1984, making her 33 years old in 2018. She is the oldest of the children that John McCain shared with wife Cindy.
    • Bridget McCain. Cindy and John McCain adopted their daughter Bridget from an orphanage in Bangladesh, but it was actually Cindy who made the choice on her own.
    • John Sidney McCain IV. John Sidney McCain IV was nicknamed Jack and he attended the Naval Academy, later becoming a Navy helicopter pilot. His mother, Cindy McCain revealed to The New York Times that it was the only school he applied to when he was younger and that he said, “I want to be a part of our family legacy.”
    • James McCain. Unlike his father, James McCain did not join the Navy. James, who is known to his family as Jimmy, actually enlisted in the Marines. His mom, Cindy McCain, told the NY Times that Jimmy is “the sensitive one” of the bunch.
  3. John McCain Kids: Meet the Late Senator's 7 Children › posts › john-mccain-kids-meet
    • Bryan Brunati
    • Douglas McCain, 59. Douglas, who is the eldest son of Carol, is a former Navy pilot and now a captain for American Airlines. Above is a photo of his adopted father in 1990.
    • Andrew McCain, 57. After graduating from Vanderbilt with a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics and MBA, Andrew went on to work for Hensley Beverage Company, eventually becoming the President and Chief Operating Officer.
    • Sidney McCain, 52. The only daughter that John and his first wife welcomed, Sidney has been quite successful. She has worked as the VP of a major record label, and is now a promotions director for a radio station in Milwaukee.
    • Meghan McCain, 34. Perhaps the most well known of John’s kids, Meghan McCain is an author, news contributor and a cohost on The View. She has been quite open since the passing of her dad, even sharing her thoughts and feelings on Instagram.
  4. Meet the McCain children - ABC News › GMA › meet-mccain-children

    Aug 26, 2018 · John McCain with his wife, Cindy, and children pose for a photo, Feb. 1, 2000 in New Hampshire. McCain's children are from left, Andy, Jimmy, Jack, Bridget, Meghan, Doug, and Sidney. (MORE: John McCain, Arizona senator and Vietnam war hero, dies at 81) But who are they?

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  5. Aug 26, 2018 · Together, John and Cindy had three children – Meghan, Jack (John Sidney McCain IV) and Jimmy. They also adopted a little girl named Bridget, from Bangladesh. Andrew McCain said that McCain’s...

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  6. Meet the McCain children › gma › meet-mccain-children-065209453

    Aug 26, 2018 · After John and Carol McCain divorced in 1980 and John married second wife Cindy, they had three children, Meghan, Jack and Jimmy. They adopted another child, Bridget, from Bangladesh.

  7. John McCain's Daughter Bridget: What to Know | › politics › john-mccain-daughter-bridget

    Jun 23, 2019 · McCain and his second wife, Cindy, had three more children — Meghan, Jimmy and Jack — before Cindy took what would prove to be a life-changing trip to a Bangladeshi orphanage in 1991. There, as...

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  8. John McCain - Wikipedia › wiki › John_McCain

    In 1984, McCain and Cindy had their first child, daughter Meghan, followed two years later by son John IV and in 1988 by son James. In 1991, Cindy brought an abandoned three-month-old girl needing medical treatment to the U.S. from a Bangladeshi orphanage run by Mother Teresa . [91]

  9. John McCain's First Wife on the Pain of Him Leaving Her for ... › politics › john-mccain-daughter-sidney

    May 29, 2018 · When McCain married Carol Shepp in 1965 he adopted her sons, Doug and Andy, whom she had during her first marriage. John and Carol then had a daughter, Sidney, in the fall of 1966. A year later,...

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  10. What You Didn't Know About John McCain's Other Daughter, Bridget › 150252 › what-you-didnt-know

    Apr 15, 2019 · When Arizona Sen. John McCain died in August 2018 of brain cancer at age 81, he left behind his longtime wife, Cindy McCain, and his seven children: Doug, Andy, Sidney, Meghan, Jack, Jimmy, and...

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