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    Who was the male voice in the Columbine shooting?

    Who are the survivors of the Columbine shooting?

    Who was the shooter at Columbine High School?

    What did Austin do in the Columbine shooting?

  2. level 1. torontoinsix. · 2y · edited 2y Columbine Researcher. The 11k has some interesting perceptions about John and how he acted in the library prior to the interaction from other witnesses, if you are further interested. He seemed to be very calm - some said that he “was in his own world.”.

  3. The legend says He is still running faster than Reb and VoDkA bullets

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  4. At one point Austin heard a male voice [John Savage] ask and what they were doing, to which [Dylan] responded "Killing people!", before telling the boy to get out of the library. When they got to the table Austin was under, Austin watched as [Dylan] pointed his semi-automatic gun under the table, aimed directly at Corey, then pulled the trigger .

  5. Lissa Coffey interviews John Savage at the 2012 Night of 100 Stars Event at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This is an Academy Awards vie...

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  6. This was always an interesting exchange to me. IMO, I think Eric may have "recomlnized" John Savage being acquainted with Dylan, and gave Dylan the "courtesy" of dealing with John. This was discussed before, but John Savage was the only person they actually let leave the library, which I consider significant.

  7. I disagree that John Savage was respectable. His early interviews, including TIME magazine, consisted of calling Eric and Dylan freaks and faggots. He seemed like a bully, and I do wonder why Dylan let him go. I think you are confusing John Savage with Evan Todd. Evan Todd was the one calling them "freaks and faggots".

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