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  1. joint noun [C] (BODY) C2. a place in your body where two bones are connected: an elbow / hip / knee joint. As you become older, your joints get stiffer. put something out of joint. to force a joint in the body out of its correct position by accident: I put my shoulder out of joint last weekend lifting heavy boxes.

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    A joint or articulation (or articular surface) is the connection made between bones, ossicles, or other hard structures in the body which link an animal's skeletal system into a functional whole. [1] [2] [3] They are constructed to allow for different degrees and types of movement.

  3. Synonyms for JOINT: collective, collaborative, mutual, combined, communal, shared, cooperative, conjoint; Antonyms of JOINT: single, unilateral, sole, individual, personal, exclusive, private, solitary

  4. 1. a. A place or part at which two or more things are joined. b. A way in which two or more things are joined: a mortise-and-tenon joint. 2. Anatomy. a. A point of articulation between two or more bones, especially such a connection that allows motion.

  5. What symptoms of joint pain are causes for concern? Symptoms of joint pain range from mild to disabling. Without cartilage, bones rub directly against each other as the joint moves. Symptoms can include: Swelling; Stiff or enlarged joint; Numbness; Noisy joints, or clicking, grinding, or snapping sounds when moving the joint; Painful movement

  6. Joint effusion is when fluids enter one or more of these tissues. Joint effusion can affect your knee and other big joints. Examples include your: Ankle. Elbow. Shoulder. Joint effusion can also affect your small joints, such as your: Finger. Toe. Wrist. Ordinarily, there is a little bit of fluid already in the joint tissues.

  7. The word joint ultimately originated from French, where it is an adjective meaning 'joined' ( past participle of the verb joindre ), derived in turn from Latin iunctus, past participle of iungere ('join'/'bind'/'yoke'). By 1821, 'joint' had become an Anglo-Irish term for an annexe, or a side-room 'joined' to a main room.

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