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    Who was Salvatore La Barbera's brother?

    How did Angelo La Barbera become famous?

    Who is Angelo La Barbera?

    How many murders did Angelo La Barbera have?

  2. Joseph Barbara - Apalachin New York Mafia 1957 Raid

    Joseph "Joe Bandy" Biondo - Gambino Family Underboss Former Albert Anastasia Consigliere, conspired to kill Anastasia with Carlo Gambino and Joseph Riccobono. Expected to explain the reasons for the Anastasia hit and the current situation between the new Anastasia/Gambino Family hierarchy and the faction still loyal to Anastasia.

  3. New sheriff changed Mafia/Dallas Subject Index Files/M...

    Joseph Barbera. avelio waif at Us: Apalatthbe Confeceneit and at was his eau- ain, Los Angeles mobster Frank Da Simone. Bigriitarpatlo, who' was feeling the bent of govern- ment probes in New Orlenne at the time, stayed homer Federal ageista laber came up Ina toll records which showed a number of lateslione calls between CGiel•

  4. Joseph Barbera November 14 – Apalachin Meeting: American Mafia leaders meet in Apalachin, New York at the house of Joseph Barbara; the meeting is broken up by a curious patrolman. Saved by Shannon Brown

  5. GLYNN: Area delegates attended mob convention | Opinion ...

    GLYNN: Area delegates attended mob convention ... the oldest a ’55 Cadillac— bound for the hillside mansion of Joseph Barbera, a beverage distributorship owner who had been acquitted of four ...

  6. Angelo La Barbera - Wikipedia

    Angelo La Barbera (Italian: [ˈandʒelo la barˈbɛːra]; July 3, 1924 – October 28, 1975) was a powerful member of the Sicilian Mafia.Together with his brother Salvatore La Barbera he ruled the Mafia family of Palermo Centro.

    • Stabbed to death in prison by rival Mafia factions
    • Murder
  7. Angelo La Barbera | Mafia Wiki | Fandom

    Salvatore La Barbera sat on the first Sicilian Mafia Commission that was set up in 1958 as the capo mandamento for Mafia families of Borgo Vecchio, Porta Nuova and Palermo Centro. Gaia Servadio, an English\Italian journalist who wrote a biography on Angelo La Barbera, described him as the symbol of the quick, clever gangster.

  8. Cosa Nostra Families and Reputed Current Bosses of the ...

    Dec 29, 2010 · Salvatore La Barbera, boss of the Palermo Centro family, was a member of the Provincial Commission which was formed in 1957. He disappeared in 1963 during the mafia war after he had a conflict with the Grecos from Ciaculli. He was probably killed during a meeting of bosses, his body was never found.

  9. List of Sicilian Mafia members by city - Wikipedia

    Gioacchino La Barbera (born 1959) Domenico Raccuglia (born 1964) Belmonte Mezzagno. Benedetto Spera (born 1934) Bisacquino. Vito Cascio Ferro (1862–1943) Caccamo. Antonino Giuffrè (born 1945) Capaci Casteldaccia. Giuseppe Panno; Ciaculli. Giuseppe Greco "Piddu u tinenti" Michele Greco (1924–2008) Pino Greco (1952–1985)

  10. 10+ Bufalino Family ideas | crime family, mobster, mafia

    Guccia was a skilled mechanic and allegedly became associated with mob boss Joseph Barbara while working as a handyman on his estate, he had a lengthy criminal record and is known for being the only non-made member of the mafia present at the infamous Apalachin Conference of mob bosses from across the United States in 1957…

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