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  1. J. C. King - Wikipedia › wiki › Joseph_Caldwell_King

    Early life and marriage. On October 5, 1900, Joseph Caldwell King was born to Warren Charles King and Jessie Calhoun Caldwell in Brooklyn, New York. King would go on to graduate from the U.S. Military Academy at West Point as part of the Class of 1923 and will be assigned the Cullum Register Number 6992.

  2. Strange Paradise - Wikipedia › wiki › Strange_Paradise

    Joseph Caldwell (also a former Dark Shadows writer) and John R. Melmer also wrote a few episodes during this period. For the third and final 13-week arc, Crane left the writing team, and Sproat was joined by television neophyte Harding Lemay for four weeks.

    • Jerry Layton, Ian Martin
    • 1969 –, 1970
  3. Pitcairn (schooner) - Wikipedia › wiki › Pitcairn_(schooner)

    Pitcairn then sailed for Pitcairn Island, arriving on 6 February 1894 to find that the people had been ravaged by a typhoid epidemic. The ship reached San Francisco on 30 March 1894. Third voyage. On the third voyage Pitcairn was captained by the Pastor John Graham. It carried Dr. Joseph Caldwell, his wife Julia and their two boys.

    • $12,000
    • 90 feet (27 m)
  4. Hamilton Fulton - Wikipedia › wiki › Hamilton_Fulton

    In 1827 Joseph Caldwell published a series of newspaper essays advocating this new system of transportation. They were collected and published the next year in a pamphlet entitled The Numbers of Carlton which caught the public imagination and led to the construction of the first railroads in the state.

  5. Spouse of the prime minister of Canada - Wikipedia › wiki › Canadian_First_Lady

    The spouse of the prime minister of Canada (French: époux du premier ministre du Canada) is the wife or husband of the prime minister of Canada. Sophie Grégoire Trudeau is the wife of the 23rd and current prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

  6. Pentecostal Collegiate Institute (Rhode Island) - Wikipedia › wiki › Pentecostal_Collegiate

    From 1914-1916, Rev. Joseph Caldwell Bearse (1869-1931) was principal of PCI. Bearse laid the foundations for the eventual addition of a four-year liberal arts program at PCI, by recruiting well-qualified faculty members. Bearse had attended Brown and Boston universities.

  7. Prime Minister of Canada - Wikipedia › wiki › PMOC

    The prime minister of Canada (French: premier ministre du Canada) is the head of government, chair of the Cabinet, and primary minister of the Crown. Canadian prime ministers are styled as The Right Honourable (French: Le très honorable ), [note 2] a privilege maintained for life.

  8. Delinquent Parents - Wikipedia › wiki › Delinquent_Parents

    Delinquent Parents is a 1938 American crime film directed by Nick Grinde and written by Nicholas T. Barrows and Robert St. Claire. The film stars Doris Weston, Maurice Murphy, Helen MacKellar, Terry Walker, Richard Tucker and Charlotte Treadway.

  9. List of counties in North Carolina - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_counties_in_NC

    Caldwell County: 027: Lenoir: 1841: Burke County and Wilkes County: Joseph Caldwell (1773–1835), the first president of the University of North Carolina: 81,805: 474 sq mi (1,228 km 2) Camden County: 029: Camden: 1777: Pasquotank County: Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden (1714–1794), who opposed the taxation of the American colonists: 10,336 ...

  10. Joseph Cella - Wikipedia › wiki › Joseph_Cella

    Joseph James Cella was born on November 14, 1969, to his father, Robert Cella, and his mother, Janice Jean Cox. He was raised in Richmond, Michigan and graduated from Hillsdale College in 1991. [5] [7] He lives in Augusta Charter Township, Michigan outside of Ann Arbor with his wife Kristen Renee Hemker, and their seven children.