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  1. The Journal of Financial Economics (JFE) is a leading peer-reviewed academic journal covering theoretical and empirical topics in financial economics.It provides a specialized forum for the publication of research in the area of financial economics and the theory of the firm, placing primary emphasis on the highest quality analytical, empirical, and clinical contributions in the following ...

  2. Journal definition, a daily record, as of occurrences, experiences, or observations: She kept a journal during her European trip. See more.

  3. Dec 3, 2022 · Start your first entry by setting the scene. To begin writing in your journal, label your first entry with the date, time and, optionally, location. For instance, you might start with "Monday, January 1, 1.00p.m., Bedroom". Next, if you'd like to, write a salutation. Many journal-writers like to use "Dear Journal" or a similar greeting to start ...

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  4. journal noun [C] (MAGAZINE) a magazine or newspaper, esp. one that deals with a particular subject: a scientific journal The Wall Street Journal journal noun [C] (RECORD) writing a record of what you have done, or of descriptions or thoughts, written each day or frequently over a long period; a diary: He kept a journal for over 50 years.

  5. About the Journal The Journal of Finance publishes leading research across all the major fields of financial research. It is the most widely cited academic journal on finance. Each issue of the journal reaches over 8,000 academics, finance professionals, libraries, government and financial institutions around the world.

  6. Journal. Definition: In the accounting world, Journal refers to a book wherein transactions are logged for the very first time, and that is why it is also called as “ Book of Original Entry “. In this book, all the regular business transactions are entered sequentially, i.e. as an when they arise. After that, the transactions are posted to ...

  7. Daily Journal Corporation is an American publishing company and technology company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. The company has offices in Corona, Oakland, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Santa Ana in California , and in Denver , Colorado ; Logan, Utah ; Phoenix, Arizona and Melbourne, Australia .

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