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  1. Journey for Margaret: White, William Lindsay: Books

    Journey for Margaret, is an everlasting testament to the hardship the British citizens had to endure during the Blitz. The Blitz, with a capital B, was the relentless bombing by German bombers on London, an attack that later was more or less forgotten when the German cities had to endure similar devastation, when the tables were turned around, and it was time for "pay-back time".

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  2. Journey for Margaret (1942) - Turner Classic Movies

    by Andrea Passafiume. Journey for Margaret. In MGM's 1942 wartime drama Journey for Margaret Robert Young plays John Davis, an American war correspondent living in London covering the Blitz. After his wife Nora (Laraine Day) suffers a miscarriage, John finds himself drawn to two young war orphans he meets while on assignment, Peter (William Severn) and Margaret (Margaret O'Brien).

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  4. AFI|Catalog

    Journey for Margaretwould have marked the American motion picture debut of the Swedish-born Hasso, but her first appearance was in the 1943 M-G-M film Assignment in Brittanyin 1943 (see entry). A Mar 1942 HRnews item adds that Carolyn Lee was considered for a lead in the film. An M-G-M news item hat Sam Marx was originally to produce the picture.

  5. Journey for Margaret (1942 b 81')

    Journey for Margaret (1942 b 81') En: 6 Ed: 6. Adapted from a true story, the wife of a reporter in London is injured, and he helps two children and decides to adopt them. In London after France fell, Herbert Allison (Nigel Bruce) greets John Davis (Robert Young) and pregnant Nora Davis (Laraine Day) at the train.

  6. Journey for Margaret (1942) - IMDb

    Directed by W.S. Van Dyke, Herbert Kline. With Robert Young, Laraine Day, Fay Bainter, Nigel Bruce. 1940. For the better part of the war thus far, New York news correspondent John Davis and his wife Nora Davis have been in the hot spots of western Europe, including Rotterdam and much of France, which has just fallen to the Nazis.

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  7. "Journey for Margaret" is a propaganda film but with a twist. Made in 1942, right after the U.S. entered World War II, it's based on a real story. A reporter, John Davis (Robert Young), and his wife Nora(Laraine Day) are caught in London during the blitz. Nora loses the baby she is carrying and eventually goes home to the states.

  8. Journey for Margaret (1942) | Classic Film Guide

    Aug 29, 2014 · Journey for Margaret (1942) This film is the credited screen debut of Margaret O’Brien the title character and also stars Robert Young Laraine Day Fay Bainter and Nigel Bruce. It was directed by W. S. Van Dyke (The Thin Man (1934)). The film begins with an American reporter (Young) and his pregnant wife (Day) arriving in London from war torn Europe.

  9. Journey for Margaret - Wikipedia

    Journey for Margaret is a 1942 drama film set in London in World War II. It stars Robert Young and Laraine Day as a couple who have to deal with the loss of their unborn child due to a bombing raid. It is an adaptation of the book of the same name in which William Lindsay White and his wife described their experiences adopting an orphan in ...

  10. The Children's War: Movie Matinee #1 - Journey for Margaret

    May 05, 2012 · Based on a 1941 novel by William Lindsay White, Journey for Margaret tells the story of American journalist John Davies and his wife Nora, a very happy, in-love couple. They have just arrived in London from France in 1940 and the Davies' are expecting their first baby.

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