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    Aug 15, 2014 · The former Beverly Hills Cop and Fast Times at Ridgemont High actor, Judge Reinhold, appears to have gone under the knife for some face altering work. Fast Times to Facelift Although Judge is the most well-known actor of the past couple decades, he’s had his fair share of roles and public perception of him is quite high.

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    Judge Reinhold Botox Injection. Many celebrities have done Botox especially when they start to get aged. Botox is used to get rid aging signs such as frown lines and wrinkles, and we know that Judge is already in his 50 almost 60 which makes people suspect that his free wrinkle face is the result of plastic surgery.

  3. Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures › judge-reinhold-plastic-surgery

    Feb 13, 2015 · The man in those days had publicity that was always steeped in his comedic genius but nowadays, judge Reinhold plastic surgery is what appears to be on the minds of the people. A Little Background Born on May 21, 1957, Judge Reinhold got the acting bug fairly young and it took him into to studying acting and the performing arts in college.

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    Apr 30, 2013 · What happened to Judge Reinhold? Known as his act in Beverly Hills Cop series, Reinhold looks totally different while he captured in a red carpet earlier of this year. Rumors said that he had facelift, Botox, and cheek fillers on his face so that it gave him a semi-plastic face appearance.

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    Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery. One actor who studied acting as a profession is no other one than Judge Reinhold. Judge Reinhold was born on the 21 st of May 1957. He started acting at a very tender age and having discovered his passion, Judge Reinhold got into college to study acting and performing art and took it as a career.

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    Joan Van Ark Plastic Surgery Before and After - Celebrity Plastic Surgery Joan Van Ark could be listed in the chart of bad female actress plastic surgery. The Knots Landing star appears with a very scary look after leaving her fans off the air for a long time.

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    Judges Reinhold was rumored to have tucked his way back to the silver screen by having a very cheeky look with cosmetic surgery. It was then presumed that the one she had was cosmetic surgery, disconfirming Judge Reinhold plastic surgery rumor.

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    Judge Reinhold’s Plastic Surgery for Facelift Before After!

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    Home Tags Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery. Tag: Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery. Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery. kuchusmaster-Aug 15, 2014. 0. Plastic Surgery Disasters.

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    I think, ultimately, that unless you have the perfect bone structure (think Gregory Peck)that plastic surgery will not work. James Brolin looks pretty good too. I doubt he's had anything done and why should he? Judge Reinhold and Charlie Sheen and Mickey Rourke had their youthful beauty.

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