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    The Juris Doctor (J.D. or JD), also known as Doctor of Jurisprudence (J.D., JD, D.Jur., or DJur), is a graduate-entry professional degree in law and one of several Doctor of Law degrees. The J.D. is the standard degree obtained to practice law in the United States; unlike in some other jurisdictions, there is no undergraduate law degree in the United States.

  2. Jul 21, 2021 · The American law degree, called a Juris Doctor (JD), is a three-year professional degree. Law school applicants must already have a bachelor's degree.

  3. Aug 16, 2022 · A Juris Doctor (JD) degree is a professional degree required to practice law. A Juris Doctor (JD) degree is the professional degree necessary to become a lawyer. A JD degree is a terminal degree —or the highest level of degree you can achieve in a given discipline. In order to begin a Juris Doctor program, you will need to have first earned your bachelor’s degree, but you do not need a master’s degree .

  4. In the U.S., admission to a JD program requires a bachelor’s degree. The admission requirements differ in other countries. Additionally, every school has its own set of requirements. Make sure you know what your schools require so that you can apply efficiently. Most JD programs are three-year, full-time programs.

  5. Juris doctor is Latin for Doctor of Law. A Juris Doctor, J.D. for short, is a professional law degree and academic credential conferred by law schools upon graduation. This graduate degree enables you to sit for the bar exam and earn a license to practice law. It typically consists of 85 to 90 credits and takes three years of full-time study.

  6. A Juris Doctor is technically a Doctor of Jurisprudence just as an MD is a Doctor of Medicine or a PhD is a Doctor of Philosophy. In order to become a licensed attorney in most states, an applicant must graduate from an accredited law school although there are non-accredited law schools which can also confer a Juris Doctor degree.

  7. Juris Doctor. The degree awarded to an individual upon the successful completion of law school. Juris doctor, or doctor of Jurisprudence, commonly abbreviated J.D., is the degree commonly conferred by law schools. It is required in all states except California (which includes an option called law office study) to gain Admission to the Bar.

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