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  1. Julie and the Phantoms (Series) - TV Tropes

    Julie and the Phantoms is a 2020 Netflix original series created by Dan Cross and David Hoge (and directed by Kenny Ortega of High School Musical and Descendants fame) based on the 2011 Brazilian show Julie e os Fantasmas. It centers on Julie …

  2. Spoilered Rotten - TV Tropes

    These tropes fall into four possible categories: A) Tropes/other pages with "spoiler" in the title and/or pages specifically about spoilers in fiction. B) Tropes that immediately spoil the outcome of the work just by naming the trope alongside with the work (emphasis is on "rotten" here) C) The same like type B but on (and only on) character pages.

  3. Gosh Dang It to Heck! / Playing With - TV Tropes

    Basic Trope: A show refuses to use swearing, preferring to use more childish workarounds. Straight: Bob is a full-grown adult, yet voices his displeasure with phrases like "goshdang it!" and "oh, crud!" Exaggerated: Bob is a Mafia don who's just seen his entire mob gunned down by Inspector Javert and a squad of cops.

  4. Stereotypes, Tropes and Archetypes – SLAP HAPPY LARRY

    Dec 10, 2020 · The site TV Tropes is a good place to start for many, many examples of tropes (not just seen on TV). However, the ‘tropes’ on that site get a little too specific. Some of the most specific examples can’t really be considered tropes at all, except to the most discriminating of story consumers.

  5. Primeval/Funny | All The Tropes Wiki | Fandom

    In a season 1 episode, Cutter is examining Claudia after she was attacked by the Monster of the Week. The dodo chase in 1x04., Claudia in the final episode of season 1, who closes out a conversation with Nick by bringing up a kiss they shared. She tells him that sexual harassment is frowned upon in the civil service and saunters out with a very faint smirk on her face. The shock on his face is ...

  6. You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost - TV Tropes!

    McNeil was just standing in the doorway, looking as if he had seen a ghost. The trite metaphor flashed into Grant's mind instantly. He did not know for a moment how near the truth it was. In a sense McNeil had seen a ghost—the most terrifying of all ghosts—his own.

  7. Bakemonogatari / Analysis - TV Tropes

    Bakemonogatari is told from the perspective of Araragi Koyomi. Obvious enough, he's the main character, right? But it isn't just seen as how he SEES the world, it's also seen as he FEELS the world. Some of his thoughts are put as actual actions happening on the screen.

  8. Paranoia Fuel - All The Tropes

    Feb 06, 2018 · A monster chasing after you in broad daylight is probably not Paranoia Fuel, but a shape shifting murderer targeting you who may be hiding among your friends or family or the clothes in your closet most likely is. A good rule of thumb is if a show or commercial makes you double check the people or objects around you (or triple check, or ...

  9. You Look Like You've Seen a Ghost - TV Tropes

    You look like you've seen a ghost. In "The Tale of the Room For Rent", the two girls see their archetypal-creepy-old-woman-psychic-inclined next door neighbor summon a ghost that descends from the ceiling and walks by them right through the wall.

  10. Caught with Your Pants Down - TV Tropes

    Unfortunately they choose to do this in a cupboard in their local community centre, and their activities are soon loudly interrupted and exposed by Nathan (who takes a rather unhealthy delight in the whole thing - and proceeds to perform a full re-enactment of what he has just seen, for the amusement of Kelly and Simon).

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