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  1. May 02, 2022 · Old favorite K-starting names such as Karen, Kathleen, and Kelly have fallen from favor, while pop culture names such as Kehlani and Khaleesi are rising. Unique K names for girls worth considering include the Greek Kassiani, the Hindi Kalinda, the Biblical Keturah, and the vintage Kitty. Here’s our complete list of girl names that start with K.

  2. There are many beautiful and lovely Scottish girls names. Welcome to our Scottish girls names website. On this website you’ll find information so that you can discover the full wonders of Scottish female names including: Comprehensive list of names and their meaning; The most popular girlsnames; Help and tips choosing a Scottish baby name

  3. May 02, 2022 · Swapping a K for a C first initial is a trend that continues to this day, with Kaiden, Kaleb, Karter, Kash, Kameron and more still among the most popular K-starting names for boys. But there are also many K boys' names that came about their kool initial organically, like Nameberry favorites Kai, Keir and Koa. Here, our full roster of boy names ...

  4. K-Pop Idols With English Stage Names In the modern day, it is becoming increasingly popular to give idols names that are common in English-speaking, as well as other, countries. Here you will find a list of idols with English stage names! Female Idols 10×10’s Cindy* 10×10’s Rica* 4G’s Bixi* 4G’s Ella* 4G’s Joi* 2NYNE’s Jella […]

  5. Oct 06, 2020 · Wonder Girls : Wonderful; Fandom Names of K-POP Groups Starting with the Letter X: X1 : ONE IT; Fandom Names of K-POP Groups Starting with the Letter Z: ZE:A : ZE:A STYLE (fans call themselves ZE: A’S too) Fandom Names of K-POP Groups Starting with Numbers: 1TEAM: TEAM ONE; 2NE1: Blackjacks

  6. On the flip side, you’ll also find many fantasy names for girls that have been plucked from history. Aerith is an awesome one, and we can’t believe she isn’t more popular. Caerwyn is another whom we simply adore. Welsh and Celtic girl names especially fit in the sector and often appear in fantasy films set in the Middle Ages.

  7. When browsing witch names for girls, it might surprise you what names have witchy leanings thanks to Hollywood. History and its legends have a few witches up their sleeve too. This includes Circe, the mistress of mayhem, and her niece, Medea, in Greek mythology. Morgan is another, with Morgan le Fay a witch in Arthurian legends. These witches ...

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