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    About the Author. Jill Saint James is a life-long student of Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and related sciences. She was the first person in history to successfully apply predictive numerology, earning her several TV and newspaper appearances, and warm receptions of elderly masters in similar studies – e.g., open access to resources of the Kabbalah Centre in New York granted by its rabbis.

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    Nov 10, 2017 · Aliyah Judaism Kabbalah Health & Science ... Horoscopes for Adar 5781/2020 - January 14-20. Redefining family and readjusting the big tent Horoscopes for Shvat 5780 ... 04/08/2019. Star Catcher ...

  3. Astronlogia - Your source for all things numerology, astrology, horoscopes, tarot, psychic readings and more. Learn about your inner self and your fate!


    Asks will be turned back on once Carlos Albuquerque fucks off. 37. Female. Social democrat. Agnostic. Critical (not gender critical) feminist. Pro-social justice, but anti-extremism.

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    Since we began studying Kabbalah, the amount of times we’ve seen 4:44 has multiplied exponentially—we even wake up at night by “accident” and see it on the clock. Wow. According to the Global Psychics website: “The 444 that you see, is a representation of the fourth dimension as seen from a perspective of the third dimension.

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    Other forms of Arithmancy were also used by the Chaldeans, the Pythagoreans and the Kabbalah. Arithmancy class was Hermione Granger’s favorite in the Harry Potter books Order of the Phoenix & The Prisoner of Azkaban. Arithmancy is a branch of magic used for predicting the future in the wizarding world.

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    The best of events, dining out, restaurants, music, bars, nightlife, theater, art and more in Broward County, Palm Beach County and Miami-Dade County.

  8. Why Does Judaism Forbid Tattoos? - Questions & Answers › library › article_cdo

    Pas via July 28, 2019 Millions are alive today, they are tattooed within with good health and prosperity. The human body is G-d’s creation and is therefore unbefitting to mutilate G-d’s handiwork with repetitive memories of suffering and war.

  9. The North Nodes & South Node: Past Life Astrology › learn-astrology › north-south-nodes

    Kabbalah’s astrology focuses primarily on the lunar nodes. This system calls the north node your tikkun (“correction”) and view it as the karmic adjustment your soul must make. Vedic astrology calls the nodes the head (Rahu/north node) and tail (Ketu/south node) of the dragon and take a harsher view of the south node’s karma.

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    Horoscopes, Moon phases, weekly forecasts, herbal tips, and more all wrapped up in easy-to-use guides! Fill every day with a touch of magic! Today's SPELL - Safe Travel Spell for Yourself or Loved Ones

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