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    Argues that children's writers have a responsibility to create an early awareness of such issues as race, terrorism, poverty, and other disasters of human society. Suggests that if children learn to confront life as it is, they may learn to strive to make it better.

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    It argues that there has not been a simple progression from their experiencing social stigma and ostracism to more enlightened attitudes since the 1970s. Rather there is a great deal that has hitherto been unknown about what the evidence suggests were very diverse experiences and attitudes throughout the period.

  3. (PDF) Edvardsdóttir, A.G. (2013). Place and space for women ... › publication › 257765001

    A grounded theory approach is a tool that can enhance your seeing (Charmas, 2009). The t ranscribed interviews were analysed by finding themes in each interview, group the

  4. Introduction: The technological economy | Request PDF › publication › 232909126

    Applying the concept of performativity, MacKenzie (2006) argues that modern finance theories-Black-Scholes Model for options pricing in particular-affect the financial markets because the ...

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    The model follows from the theory of reflective practice, current understanding of accounting behaviour in interaction, and the insights and recent developments in LAP theory and research.

  6. Peter Trudgill New-Dialect Formation 2004 | English Language ... › document › 268020600

    MacMahon (1994: 456) argues that backing began amongst the lower sections of society and suggests that a fully back vowel had become socially acceptable by the late 1860s. Southern Hemisphere evidence Modern Australian and New Zealand English, especially in their broader varieties, are characterised by very front realisations of the vowel.

  7. Histories of the Post Digital - Scribd › Histories-of-the-Post-Digital

    The title of this book, Histories of The Post-Digital, including all the associations therein, point at media art in a world that has become irreversibly digitalized. The digital is a technological phenomenon that has most radically changed our lives since the industrial revolution.

  8. Yearbook of International University College - Volume 7 (2014) › document › 338112658

    Yearbook of International University College - Volume 7 (2014) by stanislavi_1. Сборник с доклади от Научна конференция, посветена на 145 години Българска академия на науките

  9. James Elkins (Ed.) - Visual Literacy-Routledge (2007) | Art ... › document › 496485397

    Tropes of reading are unavoidable in talk about images, as W. J. T. Mitchell argues in this volume, and visual literacy has the virtue of not trying to solve that structural problem. That is the first reason for the title of this book. A sec-ond reason has to do with pedagogy.

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