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  1. On the Interpretation of Giving in Dictator Games | Journal ... › doi › abs

    The dictator game represents a workhorse within experimental economics, frequently used to test theory and to provide insights into the prevalence of social preferences. This study explores more closely the dictator game and the literature’s preferred interpretation of its meaning by collecting data from nearly 200 dictators across treatments ...

    • John A. List
    • 1001
    • 2007
  2. Introduction: The technological economy | Request PDF › publication › 232909126

    This article is an overview of Michel Callon's contribution to the reformulation of economic sociology and anthropology. It contextualizes Callon's concepts within science and technology studies ...

  3. The constituents of business interaction - Generic layered ... › publication › 220350859_The

    The model follows from the theory of reflective practice, current understanding of accounting behaviour in interaction, and the insights and recent developments in LAP theory and research.

  4. Histories of the Post Digital - Scribd › Histories-of-the-Post-Digital

    The title of this book, Histories of The Post-Digital, including all the associations therein, point at media art in a world that has become irreversibly digitalized. The digital is a technological phenomenon that has most radically changed our lives since the industrial revolution.

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  5. HTA Core Model® Online | View Application › ViewApplication

    In philosophy, ontology has traditionally been a theory of being or existence, i.e. a description of what types of things exist. In recent times, the term has been increasingly used in contexts where the aim has been to assign meanings to information and to describe the relations between concepts.

  6. Nagore Iriberri | IDEAS/RePEc › e › c

    Nagore Iriberri & Pedro Rey-Biel, 2011. "Let's (not) talk about sex: The effect of information provision on gender differences in performance under competition," Economics Working Papers 1288, Department of Economics and Business, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

  7. Daniel Kahneman | IDEAS/RePEc › e › c

    Mentioned in: > Game Theory > Experimental Economics > Microeconomics > Behavioural Economics Kahneman, Daniel & Knetsch, Jack L., 1992. "Valuing public goods: The purchase of moral satisfaction," Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Elsevier, vol. 22(1), pages 57-70, January.

  8. Elinor Ostrom | IDEAS/RePEc › e › c

    埃莉诺·奥斯特罗姆 in Wikipedia (Chinese) Elinor Ostrom in Wikipedia (Norwegian) エリノア・オストロム in Wikipedia (Japanese) Elinor Ostrom in Wikipedia (Dutch) Elinor Ostrom in Wikipedia (Serbo-Croatian) Working papers. Elinor Ostrom & Xavier Basurto & Jean-Pierre Chanteau, Trad. & Agnès Labrousse, Trad., 2013.

  9. Vernon Smith | IDEAS/RePEc › e › c

    > Game Theory > Experimental Economics. Wikipedia or ReplicationWiki mentions (Only mentions on Wikipedia that link back to a page on a RePEc service) Author Profile Vernon L. Smith in Wikipedia (Turkish) Vernon L. Smith in Wikipedia (Vietnamese) Vernon L. Smith in Wikipedia (Dutch) 버넌 스미스 in Wikipedia (Korean)

  10. George Loewenstein | IDEAS/RePEc › e › c

    > Game Theory > Experimental Economics. Shane Frederick & George Loewenstein & Ted O'Donoghue, 2002. "Time Discounting and Time Preference: A Critical Review," Journal of Economic Literature, American Economic Association, vol. 40(2), pages 351-401, June. Mentioned in: > Environmental and Natural Resource Economics > Climate economics > Discounting

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