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    How many eyes does Kate Bosworth have?

    What is Kate Bosworth eye color?

    Does Kate Bosworth have heterochromia?

    Is Kate Bosworth on Margot Kidder?

  2. Kate Bosworth Has Two Different-Colored Eyes, and They're so ...

    Sep 25, 2018 · These 40 Celebrities Have Different-Colored Eyes 1 Mila Kunis. You may have noticed this actress's perfect brows and glowing skin, but her differing eye colors are... 2 Dominic Sherwood. The star of Freeform's Shadowhunters didn't always love his half blue-half brown left eye. In April,... 3 Kate ...

    • Sam Escobar
  3. Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth, and 6 Stars With Different Eye ...

    Oct 20, 2017 · EYE See You! Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth, and 6 Stars With Different Eye Colors! What makes Mila Kunis and Kate Bosworth so unique? They suffer from heterochromia — which means one's eyes are two...

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  4. Here's Why Kate Bosworth Has Two Different Colored Eyes

    Ms. Bosworth’s mismatched eyes are totally natural and caused by a condition called heterochromia iridis, according to an in-depth report by Insider. In her case, this means that one of her eyes is half brown and half blue. The other one is blue.

    • Hannah Rice
  5. What Color Are Kate Bosworth's Eyes? Heterochromia Close Up

    Nov 11, 2020 · Having the same eye condition as Mila Kunis, Kate Bosworth has two different colored eyes. She has one blue eye (left) and one eye that is both hazel and blue (right). Kate Bosworth has two different colored eyes The medical condition is called heterochromia, meaning that the iris (the colored part of the eye) is multicolored.

  6. Celebrities with different colored eyes - Insider
    • Kirsten Acuna
    • Kate Bosworth is probably the most well-known actress for having two different colored eyes. You may not have noticed Bosworth's different-colored eyes, because casting agents and directors had her wear colored contacts while filming to make her eyes appear one color.
    • Mila Kunis had two different colored eyes for years because of an injury causing blindness in an eye. The two colors were more noticeable when Kunis was younger.
    • Superman actor Henry Cavill's eyes are mostly blue, but real fans know one of them has a tinge of brown. It's not easy to see, but if you look at the star closely, he has a patch of brown in the top of his left eye.
    • "Star Trek" actress Alice Eve said it took an ex-boyfriend months to realize she had one hazel and one blue eye. "One boyfriend, who soon wasn't my boyfriend, it took nine months to notice," Eve told Conan O'Brien in 2012 of an ex.
  7. Kate Bosworth - Wikipedia

    She was born with heterochromia iridum, and has a hazel right eye and a blue left eye. When Bosworth was six years old, her family relocated from San Francisco to various parts of the country due to her father's job.

  8. Kate Bosworth - Biography - IMDb

    She has different colored eyes, her left is blue, her right is brown. Split with boyfriend Orlando Bloom [September 5, 2006]. Considered for the role of "Susan Storm/Invisible Girl" in Fantastic Four (2005).

  9. Kate Bosworth several plastic surgeries

    Feb 07, 2017 · Kate Bosworth Plastic Surgeries Kate Bosworth was born on 2nd January 1983 in Los Angeles, California. She started her acting career in the year 1988 after she was cast in The Horse Whisper. She later became famous for her role in Young Americans TV series. She has also featured in other films like Blue Crush, Read More →

  10. Kate Bosworth - IMDb

    Her eyes are two different colors: Brown and Blue. This condition is known as Heterochromia Iridum.

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