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    25 VIDEOS | 27 IMAGES Kate Dickie was born in 1971 in East Kilbride, Scotland. She is an actress and producer, known for Red Road (2006), Prometheus (2012) and Filth (2013). See full bio »

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    Kate Dickie plays as Ford in the film Prometheus, Kate is a Scottish actress who has appeared in television series, stage plays and films.

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    Kate Dickie (born 1971) is a Scottish actress who played Ford in the 2012 film Prometheus. She is best known for her portrayal as the security camera operative Jackie in her starring debut Red Road directed by Andrea Arnold.

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    Kate Dickie (born 1971) is a Scottish actress. She recently appeared in Ridley Scott's sci-fi thriller Prometheus, as well as the drama series Five Daughters and Pillars of the Earth. She won a Scottish BAFTA for her role in Red Road. In Ridley Scott's film Prometheus, she plays the role of Ford, the ship's medic. In 2015, she starred alongside her fellow Game of Thrones cast member Ralph Ineson in the critically acclaimed horror film The Witch.

    In Game of Thrones, she plays the role of Lysa Arryn. She was announced in the role on 16 July 2010. She appeared in several episodes of the first season. It was reported that she filmed a scene for the final episode of Season 3, but this scene was cut from the final episode. Her agent later confirmed that she would return for the fourth season. She reprised the role for two episodes of the fourth season, before her character's demise.

    • East Kilbride, Scotland, UK
    • 1971
    • 1971
    • "The Wolf and the Lion"
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    Kate Dickie was born in 1971 in East Kilbride, Scotland. She is an actress and producer, known for Red Road (2006), Prometheus (2012) and Filth (2013).

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  6. Kate Dickie is a talented Scottish actress. She is known for her roles in Tinsel Town, Game of Thrones, Red Road, Couple in a Hole, Prometheus, Filth, The Witch, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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    Kate Dickie In Prometheus Kate Dickie (1971 -)

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    Dickie was born in East Kilbride, Scotland, but spent part of her childhood in different parts of Scotland, Wigtownshire, Galloway, Perthshire and Ayrshire, due to frequent moves by her family. From an early age she discovered her passion for acting, which her parents also supported.

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    When the USCSS Prometheus arrived on LV-223, the crew, led by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Charlie Holloway, discovered a temple, which they explored. When they disturbed a room containing ampules of Chemical A0-3959X.91 - 15, the chemical began to leak out of the urns onto the floor, infecting several worms which mutated into Hammerpedes. Millburn and Fifield, two members of the crew, got lost and managed to reach the same urn room, where they discovered two Hammerpedes. One of them rose and scared Fifield but Millburn looked upon it, fascinated. Millburn unwisely tries to touch the creature despite it obviously showing warning posture, and it flared its 'crests' and attacked him, constricting Millburn's arm. Fifield tried to help Millburn, but his touching it only made the Hammerpede constrict tighter, which resulted in it breaking Millburn's arm. In a further attempt to save Millburn, Fifield cut off the Hammerpede's head, causing its acidic blood to spray on Fifield's helmet faceplate...

    The Hammerpede has pale, white-grey skin with a somewhat translucent appearance, attributes that resemble those of a Neomorph. Like the indigenous wormsthey mutated from, Hammerpedes have serpent-like bodies but can grow up to 4 feet long. Their 'crests' are reminiscent of the hoods possessed by cobras. These 'crests' can be folded in and out around the creature's mouth. They possess incredible strength, able to break bones rather easily, which was demonstrated when Fifield attempted to remove one from Millburn's forearm. They also possess acidic blood and the ability to rapidly regenerate severed parts in a matter of seconds, which was seen when Fifield attempted to decapitate one, only to have its head quickly regenerate.


    In Jon Spaihts' original script for Prometheus, titled Alien: Engineers, the Hammerpede is described as a centipede-like creature, although it maintains the flat head design of the final version seen in the film. Originally conceived by Carlos Huante, the Hammerpede was to be a precursor to the Facehugger, with a centipede-esque configuration, complete with numerous gripping fingers or limbs. This derived in the creature's name, given by the production crew, after the peculiar hammer-esque sh...

    Practical and CGI models

    As per the other character and creature specific effects, the creature was built practically by his Studio — with a digital counterpart provided by MPC. The creature was sculpted by Waldo Mason and Martin Rezard; the Hammerpede actually included several 'layers', ranging from the external skin to the internal organs and muscles. Each 'layer' was sculpted and molded separatedly and then assembled onto the final model, which included mechanical features by Jim Sandys and Steve Wright. The Hamme...

    The origin of the worms that the Hammerpedes mutated from has been debated constantly; some say they could have been native to LV-223, which is unlikely due to the atmosphere. Others think that the...
    Another possibility is that the Engineers had brought the soil in which the worms inhabited, in order to replicate their native planet's atmosphere. This would also account for why the black liquid...
    An alternate explanation is that the worms were generated by the Black Liquid. The progress from small particles observed by the android David, to worms, to the snake-like Hammerpedes may be someth...
    A deleted scene from the PrometheusBlu-ray shows the team discovering the smaller worms that were later mutated into Hammerpedes. Millburn is excited, as humanity has never discovered alien life mo...
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