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    Kathmandu ( / ˌkætmænˈduː /; Nepali: काठमाडौँ, Nepali pronunciation: [ˈkaʈʰmaɳɖu], also known as the city of temples) is the capital and largest city of Nepal, with a population of around 2 million. The city stands at an elevation of approximately 1,400 metres (4,600 feet) above sea level in the bowl-shaped Kathmandu ...

    • Nepal

      Etymology. Before the unification of Nepal, the Kathmandu...

    • Dal Bhat

      Dal bhat (Hindustani: दालभात, Bengali: ডাল ভাত, Gujarati:...

    • Binod Chaudhary

      Binod Kumar Chaudhary (Nepali: विनोद चौधरी; born 14 April...

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    Ancient Kathmandu valley. Archaeological explorations indicate that Kathmandu and the two other sister towns in the valley were the oldest towns and are traced to the period between 167 BC and 1 AD. Excavations conducted at Hadigaon and Lubhu in southern part of the valley, in Kathmandu, have unearthed brick walls and Stone Age tools.

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    Kathmandu Holdings Limited is a transnational chain of retail stores, selling travel and adventure outdoor apparel and equipment. Kathmandu is a retailer of clothing and equipment for travel and adventure in New Zealand and Australia. It has 163 stores as at the end of July 2017: 47 in New Zealand, and 115 in Australia. Kathmandu outlet

    Kathmandu was founded by John Pawson and Jan Cameron in 1987 following their sale of the ALP Sports Clothing label. The company set up its first retail outlets in Australia whilst manufacturing most of its original clothing range in New Zealand. Bernard Wicht, owner of Alpine Accoutrements, had been the main manufacturer for ALP Sports but continued to manufacture for Kathmandu and also partnered with Penny Hazard to set up the Bivouac chain of stores in New Zealand. In 1992 Kathmandu, having es

    Like other businesses operating in New Zealand, Kathmandu received sizeable financial support from the New Zealand government in the form of wage subsidies for its employees across New Zealand. This was part of a wider policy of economic stimulus for large and small businesses following the COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting downturn in the economy. As part of this programme, Kathmandu Group received $6.2 million from New Zealand taxpayers in 2020. However, despite subsequently posting a profit

    • 1144 full-time equivalent
    • Jan Cameron and John Pawson
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    Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal.It is the largest city of Nepal.The population of the city is about 1.003 million. It has many Buddhist and Hindu temples and palaces

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    Kathmandu is locatit in the Bagmati Zone. Kathmandu, as the gateway tae Nepal Tourism, is the nerve centre o the kintra’s economy. Wi the maist advanced infrastructure amang urban auries in Nepal, Kathmandu's economy is tourism centric accoontin for 3.8% o the GDP in 1995–96. The ceity’s rich history is nearly 2000 year auld, as inferred ...

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    Kathmandu District is a district located in Kathmandu Valley, Bagmati Province of Nepal. It is one of the 77 districts of Nepal, covers an area of 413.69 km2, and is the most densely populated district of Nepal with 1,081,845 inhabitants in 2001 and 1,744,240 in 2011. The district's headquarter is Kathmandu Metropolitan City, also the capital of Nepal. It is also a famous tourist spot as there are many religious temples, attracting places.

    Kathmandu district is one of the three districts located in Kathmandu Valley, which itself is located in the hills of Bagmati Province. The district is located from 27°27′E to 27°49′E longitude and 85°10′N to 85°32′N latitude. The district is surrounded by: 1. East: Bhaktapur District and Kavrepalanchok District 2. West: Dhading District and Nuwakot District 3. North: Nuwakot District and Sindhupalchok District 4. South: Lalitpur District and Makwanpur District The altitude of ...

    Kathmandu district is a part of Kathmandu valley, which is a melting pot of various cultural groups, ethnicities, races, languages and religions. This vibrant culture is illustrated in the culture of the natives of the district, known as Newars, who are a multiethnic, multiracial, multireligious people bound by a Sanskritized Sino-Tibetan language of Kirat origins known as Nepal Bhasa. All the ancient settlements of the district have specific street festivals arranged according to specific dates

    Most of the offices and industries of Nepal are in Kathmandu. The major economic hubs are New Road, Durbar Marg, Putalisadak, Asan. The district exports handicrafts, artworks, garments, pashmina, paper etc. Tourism is one of the main industries of the district. Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims from all over the world visit various religious places located in the district such as Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Buddhanilkantha etc. Freak Street and Thamel are noted tourist destinations for W

    Kathmandu district is the pioneer district in education in many aspects in Nepal. Durbar High School, Trichandra College, Padma Kanya College are all located in Kathmandu city. Tribhuwan University, the first university of Nepal, is located in Kirtipur municipality of Kathmandu district. Besides these, thousands of educational institutions are located in the district which enrolls students from Nepal, India, Bangladesh etc.

    • 413.69 km² (159.73 sq mi)
    • Nepal
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    Kathmandu (TV series) Kathmandu is a 2012 Israeli television miniseries depicting the lives of a Chabad Hasidic Jewish family living in Kathmandu, Nepal. The series included 13 episodes and was produced by the Israeli company Reshet. The main characters of the series are "Shmulik" ( Michael Moshonov) and "Mushkie" ( Nitzan Levartovsky) and are ...

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    The Kathmandu Valley, historically known as Nepal Valley or Nepa Valley, lies at the crossroads of ancient civilizations of the Indian subcontinent and the broader Asian continent, and has at least 130 important monuments, including several pilgrimage sites for Hindus and Buddhists. There are seven World Heritage Sites within the valley. Historically, the valley and adjoining areas made up a confederation known as the Nepal Mandala. Until the 15th century, Bhaktapur was its capital, when two oth

    Kathmandu is not the native name used by the indigenous Nepa people of the valley. The indigenous Nepa people used the term "Swa Nhi Gha" to refer whole area of the Kathmandu Valley and "Ye" to refer Kathmandu only. Similarly, Newari term for Patan is "Yela" while for Bhaktpaur it's "Khwopa". The term "Nepa-al" means "land of the Nepa people" and was traditionally used to refer this valley. The Pahari name Kathmandu comes from a structure in the Durbar Square called by the Sanskrit name ...

    The Kathmandu Valley may have been inhabited as early as 300 BCE, since the oldest known objects in the valley date to a few hundred years BCE. The earliest known inscription is dated 185 CE. The oldest firmly dated building in the earthquake-prone valley is over 2,000 years old. Four stupas around the city of Patan that are said to have been erected by a Charumati, a purported daughter of the Maurya emperor Ashoka, in the third century BCE, attest to the ancient history present within the valle

    According to Swayambhu Puran, the Kathmandu Valley was once a lake, deemed by scientists as Paleo Kathmandu Lake. The hill where the Swayambu Stupa rests had lotus plants with flowers in bloom. One story says that the God Manjusri cut a gorge at a valley called Kashapaal with a sword called Chandrahrasha and drained away the waters in order to establish a habitable land. According to Gopal Banshawali, Krishna cut the gorge with his Sudarshana Chakra to let the water out. He then handed the drain

    Kathmandu valley is bowl-shaped. Its central lower part stands at 1,425 metres above sea level. Kathmandu valley is surrounded by four mountain ranges: Shivapuri hills, Phulchowki, Nagarjun and Chandragiri. The major river flowing through the Kathmandu Valley is the Bagmati. The valley is made up of the Kathmandu District, Lalitpur District and Bhaktapur District covering an area of 220 square miles. The valley consists of the municipal areas of Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Kirtipur and Madhyapu

    This is an incomplete alphabetical list of notable temples and monuments in Kathmandu Valley. Seven of these are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. 1. Bhaktapur District Bhaktapur Durbar Square Changu Narayan Temple Doleshwor Mahadeva Temple Kailashnath Mahadev Statue Suryavinayak Temple 2. Kathmandu District Pashupatinath Temple Aditnath Temple Boudhanath Stupa Bagh Bhairab Temple Dakshinkali Temple Guhyeshwari Temple Kathmandu Durbar Square Narayanhiti Palace Ranipokhari Swayambhunath

    • 665 square km
    • 1979 (3rd session)
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    Tribhuvan International Airport is an international airport located in Kathmandu, Bagmati Pradesh, Nepal. It is operating with a tabletop runway, one domestic and an international terminal. As a sole international airport, it connects Nepal to over 40 destinations in 17 countries. The airport is a hub for two international airlines, the flag carrier Nepal Airlines and Himalaya Airlines, along with several other domestic and regional carriers. The airport is considered as a starting point for Mou

    The airport was originally named Gauchaur Airport, after the area of Kathmandu where it was situated. In Nepali, 'Gauchaur' refers to a place where cows graze. The formal beginning of aviation in Nepal occurred in 1949, with the landing of a Beechcraft Bonanza carrying the Indian ambassador. However, there are claims that there is evidence that Simara Airport existed in some form as early as 1946 and would therefore be the oldest airport in Nepal - this fact is, however, disputed. The first char

    The international apron at TIA can handle up to 15 aircraft, although only three can support wide-body category aircraft. There is also a bay at the eastern side of the airport that can hold two wide-body and two ATR 72 or similar type of aircraft. The eastern bay is used solely

    The airport has a single 3,350 metres runway with a slope of 1.2% oriented at 02/20. There is no instrument landing system available. The bitumen runway with the strength of PCN 54F/A/W/T has the markings of the centerline, edge, touchdown zone and the threshold. The runway is eq

    There are two non-precision approach available at the Kathmandu Airport; VHF omnidirectional range along a distance measuring equipment and Required Area Navigation. A high intensity 870 metres extended centerline lights are installed at the southern end of the airport to assist

    Tribhuvan International Airport is located 1 km from Pashupatinath Temple and 6 km east of the city center and main tourist area Thamel. The nearest hotel is Airport Hotel located about 200 m from the airport gate. The airport is connected to major parts of Kathmandu valley by the ring road.

    In 2019, TIA handled a total of 10,572 tons of cargo.

    • 4,390 ft / 1,338 m
    • 124,255
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