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  2. Kathy Bates is one of the twenty-five cast members that portrayed the same character in different seasons. She portrayed Delphine LaLaurie in Coven and Apocalypse . Since joining the cast, she has portrayed six significant characters on the series: Delphine LaLaurie , Ethel Darling , Iris , The Butcher ( re-enactment ), Agnes Mary Winstead and Miriam Mead .

  3. American Horror Story (sometimes abbreviated as AHS) is an American horror anthology ...

  4. Aug 07, 2015 · Lady Gaga leads the cast as an evil character. Kathy Bates plays Iris, Angela Bassett is Ramona, Evan Peters is Mr. March, Matt Bomer is Donovan and Sarah Paulson will play Hypodermic Sally.

  5. American Horror Story 's sixth entry subtitled " Roanoke " premiered on FX on September 14, 2016. The main cast includes Sarah Paulson and Lily Rabe as Shelby Miller, Cuba Gooding, Jr. and André Holland as Matt Miller, Adina Porter and Angela Bassett as Lee Miller, and Kathy Bates as the hostile tribe leader.

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    Madame Marie Delphine LaLaurie was a high-society Creole socialite in 1830s New Orleans. Her love of hosting elegant parties is matched only by her taste for the gruesome torture of her black slaves.

    Driven by her insecurities and catalyzed by her husband's indiscretions with young women, including their own slaves, Delphine creates a nightmarish beauty balm derived from fresh human pancreases that she removed from her slaves. New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau takes her vengeance on Madame Delphine for the torture inflicted on her lover, one of Delphine's slave victims, Bastien, that the socialite had tortured and dressed up to look like the Minotaur, one of her favorite characters from Greek mythology. She presents Madame Delphine with a false love potion, whose actual effects are much more sinister.[1] LaLaurie's fate is revealed as one worse than death,[2] and one that has not yet ended.[1] Delphine wakes up from the effects of the 'love potion' to find her husband and daughters hanging from the balcony of her home. Marie Laveau has Delphine buried alive in an unmarked grave in the front yard, but not before revealing that the 'love potion' has actually granted Delphine the curse of immortality.[2]

    Losing her family and being buried for centuries has drained LaLaurie of her will to live, as is made apparent when she asks Fiona Goode to use her powers to end her torture and let her die. She has shown herself to be stubborn on several occasions. She has also shown herself to have a deep fascination with the human anatomy, and how it functions at the expense of her slaves. LaLaurie considers this to be a hobby for her.

    LaLaurie is arrogant and narcissistic, obsessing over her appearance, not unlike Fiona and believing herself to be a genius and a visionary while belittling others around her, even her own daughters. Delphine is a control freak who becomes furious if her will is ever defied but is also completely cowardly, running, hiding or begging for mercy if she was ever threatened with death or pain. Despite her abusive treatment of them, LaLaurie loved her daughters immensely which was probably her only redeeming trait. Deeply sadistic, LaLaurie regularly tortured black slaves because she saw them as worthless and no better than animals. She was extremely racist even by the standards of her time and her barbaric treatment of her black slaves violated the Code Noir which was itself intensely cruel. LaLaurie was not a complete monster, however. In addition to her love for her daughters, she felt remorse for some of her vicious crimes, such as murdering and exsanguinating the baby her husband had with a female slave and using the baby's blood as make-up, driving the deceased infant's mother to suicide in the process. Over time, she came to care deeply for Queenie and feel guilt for her crimes, as well as respect black people as humans. Her racist views returned when she was betrayed to Marie Laveau by Queenie.

    She appeared to be a devout Christian and regarded the election of Barack Obama as American President to be a sign that God had forsaken the land, due to the colour of his skin rather than his policies. After the return of her racist views, she maintained a perverse kind of empathy for black people, saying that she pitied them for being fed the lie that they could be equal to whites.

    LaLaurie was intelligent, having a knowledge of the human anatomy and an interest in science although she perverted this for evil means. Another sign of her intelligence is that she was a skilled cook, despite usually relying on her servants to prepare food for her in the time she originally lived. She also had a hearty appetite and developed a fondness for fast-food during her time in the modern age.

    Years after her burial, Delphine is found and dug up by Fiona Goode,[1] who wants to discover the secret of eternal life.[2] Fiona mocks her, though the two women seem to bond at times. She wants to use Delphine as leverage against Marie Laveau, first keeping Delphine hidden away and tied up in her room,[2] and later turning her into the new maid of the school.[3] Due to Delphine making too much (mental) noise, Nan angrily rushes up the stairs and discovers Delphine in Fiona's room. She unties her but is caught by Queenie. Delphine smashes Queenie's head with a candlestick holder and runs off.[2] Later on, however, Delphine and Queenie begin to form a small bond as Fiona forces her to become Queenie's personal maid as she 'hates racists'. Queenie sacrifices herself when the Minotaur comes after Delphine, luring it out to give Delphine time to hide. Delphine is appreciative of this and thanks Queenie, who still shows a disliking to Delphine because of her racist behavior.[3] Queenie manages to reattach Delphine's severed head and hand, and carries her to Nan's funeral with a leash and collar around her neck. At the academy, she sees an African-American gardener who cut his hand and is reminded of the joys she felt from torturing her slaves in the 1800s. She holds him captive in Spalding's old room, using a pruning shear to cut off the gardener's toes and also disembowels him. Spalding appears before her, saying that he knows of a potion that will remove Marie's immortality and will allow Delphine to murder her, but he will only give it to her if she brings back an ancient doll baby that he desires. Spalding hands over the potion (which turns out to be nothing but Benadryl®). Delphine drugs Marie's drink and when she falls asleep on the bed, Delphine stabs her in the chest. Marie is unaffected and gives chase after Delphine, but she is knocked out by Spalding. Spalding says that he only wanted Marie out of his hair and suggests that Delphine should bury her.[4] Instead, she tortures Marie and hacks her to pieces.[5]

    Immortality: This is more of a curse, rather than an ability, but due to a potion of Marie Laveau's tears that she gave Delphine, she suddenly shared Marie's immortal trait and had lived for more than century. Upon Papa Legba revoking Marie's immortality, and therefore Delphine's as well, she was killed by Queenie.

    Delphine is later seen in her very torture chamber, being locked away with her daughters. Papa Legba arrives and reveals that she and Marie Laveau are in Hell, where they are to spend eternity. Delphine watches in horror as Marie is forced to burn Borquita with a hot poker. [5] It is possible that this was not the real Borquita but rather an illusion created by Papa Legba however it is equally possible that it was the real Borquita as innocent people can be consigned to Hell, such as Misty Day.

    Several years later, Delphine is still begging for an exhausted Marie's mercy in Hell, asking her to stop torturing her children. She reminds of the time she killed a child but spared his mother from seeing it. Nan walks in and informs Marie that she's being released from Hell due to a deal Cordelia made with him: replacing Marie with Dinah Stevens. Later, this event was reversed by Mallory, who created a new timeline where Cordelia never needed to retrieve Marie.

    At one point in life, she jokingly plots with her older half-sister to stage their mother's death, stating that her mother will always scare away a good suitor for Borquita. Having overheard this, Delphine punishes Borquita by locking her in a cage in the attic torture chamber [6]

    When Borquita laments about their mother scaring away a potential suitor who actually thought she was lovely, she and Pauline comfort her, complaining about their mother. When Borquita suggests they kill their mother, Jeanne asks how they should do it, when their mother walks in on them. For that, she is later seen tied to two posts similar to how Bastien was tied up. She tries to explain that they were just joking, but Delphine tells them that her love for their plain faces is why she can still breathe. She is hung later on by the angry mob of black slaves, and is re-animated by Marie Laveau to attack the academy.

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