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    Kaelin was a minor witness for the prosecution in the 1995 O. J. Simpson murder case. In 1994, he was staying in a guest house on Simpson's Rockingham estate and was present at the compound on the night of the two murders on June 12. He witnessed some of Simpson's movements before and after the time of the murders.

  2. Kato Kaelin Says O.J. Simpson Is Guilty Almost 20 Years After ... › entry › kato-kaelin-oj-simpson

    Sep 20, 2012 · Kato Kaelin Says O.J. Simpson Is Guilty Almost 20 Years After Murder Trial (UPDATE) UPDATE: Kato Kaelin told TMZ that he never told New York Post reporter Cindy Adams that O.J. Simpson definitely killed his wife. Kato said he has expressed his opinion before, and that he thinks Simpson did it, but that “I have no first hand knowledge.”

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  4. O.J. Simpson Trial Witness Kato Kaelin Tells Barbara Walters ... › US › oj-simpson-trial-witness-kato

    Nov 11, 2015 · Kaelin, a friend to both O.J. Simpson and Nicole Simpson, helped establish a timeline for investigators. He said at the time that he had shared a takeout meal with O.J. Simpson on the night of the murders. “O.J. Simpson came by my door in my guest house and he knocked on my door … and we ended up going to McDonald's,” Kaelin said.

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    Before the O.J. Simpson trial, Kato Kaelin was just a young model and casting agent who lived in Nicole Brown Simpson's guest house. When the trial began, he was thrust into the limelight and his life changed in ways that, at times, scared him. "At the beginning, I was just some guy who lived on the property. No one knew who I was yet," Kato says.

  6. Feb 04, 2016 · Brian "Kato" Kaelin was staying in Simpson's guest house the night Simpson's ex-wife was murdered and was called as a witness for the prosecution during the trial. In the course of his multi-day...

  7. O.J. Simpson Witness Kato Kaelin: 20 Years Later, I Think He ... › celebrity-news › news

    Nov 09, 2015 · Kato Kaelin, a key witness during the O.J. Simpson trial in 1995, told Barbara Walters in a new interview airing Monday, Nov. 9, that he still believes the former football star is guilty in the...

  8. Kato Kaelin -- Yes, O.J. Simpson KILLED His Wife › 2012/09/20 › kato-kaelin-oj-simpson

    Sep 20, 2012 · Breaking News Kato Kaelin has changed his tune... and now says he confesses O.J. Simpson killed Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. It is a shocking disclosure given that Kato is the only person known to...

  9. Jan 26, 2016 · But currently the best commentary by far has come from Kato Kaelin, the beloved blond wannabe actor and key witness in the Simpson trial. For those unaware of his cultural significance in the 90s,...

  10. Where Is Kato Kaelin Today? O.J. Simpson's Houseguest Has ... › articles › 166814-where-is-kato

    Jun 15, 2016 · According to The Daily Mail, Kaelin was an actor friend of Simpson’s who was staying on Simpson’s property on June 12, 1994, the night Brown Simpson and Goldman were killed. Kaelin testified at...

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