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  1. 電子ピアノのことで教えてください。YAMAHACLP745、KAWAICA59でしたら、どれをご購入されますか?YAMAHACLP775、KAWAICA79も気になっています。 また、ローランドのように色々な操作ボタンが鍵盤の前にあるわけではなく、左側にありみにくく感じますが、慣れるのでしようか。タブレットがあれば操作 ...

  2. Music sequencer - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · In October 1981, Kakehashi, Oberheim and Smith discussed the concept with representatives from Yamaha, Korg and Kawai. In 1983, the MIDI standard was unveiled by Kakehashi and Smith. [54] [55] The first MIDI sequencer was the Roland MSQ-700, released in 1983.

  3. Astro Boy - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Plot. Astro Boy is a science fiction series set in a futuristic world where robots co-exist with humans.Its focus is on the adventures of the titular "Astro Boy" (sometimes called simply "Astro"): a powerful android created by the head of the Ministry of Science, Doctor Tenma (aka Dr. Astor Boynton II in the 1960s English dub; Dr. Boynton in the 1980s English dub).

  4. 1968 in music - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · John Corigliano – Piano Concerto George Crumb – Songs, Drones, and Refrains of Death for baritone, electric guitar, electric double bass, amplified piano/electric harpsichord, and two percussionists

  5. Sayuri Yahagi - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Sayuri Yahagi (矢作 紗友里, Yahagi Sayuri, born September 22, 1986) is a Japanese voice actress affiliated with I'm Enterprise.She became the narrator of Animax in October 2007.

  6. List of series run in Weekly Shōnen Sunday - Wikipedia

    2 hours ago · This is a list of the series that have run in the Shogakukan manga anthology book for boys, Weekly Shōnen Sunday.This list, organized by decade and year of when the series started, will list each series run in the manga magazine, the author of the series and, in case the series has ended, when it has ended.

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