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  1. Digital piano - Wikipedia

    Nov 08, 2020 · An uncommon form of digital piano that resemble a grand piano, usually with a more precision keyboard action and high-quality sound system built into the unit's cabinet in a similar manner as the strings on a grand piano.

  2. Electric grand piano - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · In the 1970s, hammered-string electric pianos returned to commercial production, beginning with Yamaha's CP-70 and CP-80, followed by models by Kawai Musical Instruments and Helpinstill. In the 1980s, with the advent of the digital piano , the electric grand piano declined in popularity, and production ultimately ceased.

  3. Kenji Kawai - Wikipedia

    Nov 09, 2020 · Kenji Kawai (川井 憲次, Kawai Kenji, born April 23, 1957) is a Japanese music composer and arranger. Known as one of the biggest names in the soundtrack world, he has worked on a wide range of mixed media productions, including anime, TV shows, films and video games.

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  5. Hardman Peck - Wikipedia

    Nov 10, 2020 · Kawai's technical input boosted the quality of the Beiijing made product up to a level good enough to wear the Kawai name. Many of the current Hardman models are based on Kawai designs. Eventually all of the Hardman piano models not based on Kawai designs had the benefit of the technical input of Kawai Japan technicians.

  6. Piano - Wikipedia

    Nov 11, 2020 · More recently, the Kawai firm built pianos with action parts made of more modern materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic, and the piano parts manufacturer Wessell, Nickel and Gross has launched a new line of carefully engineered composite parts. Thus far these parts have performed reasonably, but it will take decades to know if they ...

    • 314.122-4-8, (Simple chordophone with keyboard sounded by hammers)
  7. Stage piano - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · Includes revamped stereo piano samples, 88-key Graded Hammer (GH) action, MIDI-controller capability, and new sound engine based on the home-focused Clavinova digital pianos. Kawai MP7: Kawai's first model of stage piano. Also features 88 weighted keys with stereo piano samples powered by Harmonic Imaging Technology. References

  8. List of piano manufacturers - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · This is a partial list of piano manufacturers.Most piano professionals have access to detailed information about these brands using a Piano Atlas to reference serial numbers, which are used to determine a piano's age using the year a piano was built.

  9. Steinway & Sons - Wikipedia

    Nov 18, 2020 · Boston pianos are manufactured at the Kawai piano factory in Hamamatsu, Japan. There are five sizes of Boston grand pianos and three sizes of Boston upright pianos available in a variety of finishes. Grand piano models are GP-156 PE, GP-163 PE, GP-178 PE, GP-193 PE, and GP-215 PE. Upright piano models are UP-118 PE, UP-126 PE, and UP-132 PE.

  10. Kawai Okada (岡田可愛, Okada Kawai, lahir di Ikuno-ku, Osaka, 29 Oktober 1948; umur 72 tahun) adalah mantan aktris dan pengusaha asal Jepang. [1] Daftar isi

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