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  1. There was a period when Kellyanne looked old, tired and wrinkly. However, that quickly changed and botox could be the reason. You can see the extra volume on her face cheeks. The lines and folds around that area has greatly reduced too. Has Kellyanne had a facelift? I might be exaggerating here but Kellyanne’s face was sagging.

  2. Greenberg acclaimed that Kellyanne's cheekbones seem lifted and she doesn’t seem to have extra skin around her eyes along with the fact that her nose tip is more shapely and smaller. All in all, Kellyanne Conway surely did get plastic surgery which includes procedures like filler, facelift, nose job, and botox to look as younger as she could.

  3. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Dr. Daniel Barrett, Beverly Hills board-certified plastic surgeon to the stars, and asked him to weigh in on Kellyanne Conway’s new look. (Photo credit:...

  4. Some people even speculated that she could’ve had plastic surgery on her face! “Honestly, shout out to the doc that did Kellyanne Conway’s Botox and/or filler,” someone tweeted. “They did the...

  5. Kelly Anne Conway Plastic Surgery Experts think that Kellyanne Conway has had Botox, fillers, a facelift, a nose job, upper and lower eyelid lifts, and a facial restoration procedure, among other things. Kellyanne Conway’s memoir, Here’s The Deal, came out recently, and she has been working hard to get the word out about it.

  6. Though the jury is still out on whether Kellyanne underwent fillers, botox, plastic surgery, or a combination of all three, whatever she is doing it is working for her — including her more voluminous hairstyle! You may see a video featuring Kellyanne Conway speaking on Fox News with her new face and new look in the player below.

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