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    • Ken Sugimori - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon ...
      • Ken Sugimori (Japanese: 杉森建, born January 27, 1966) is a friend of Satoshi Tajiri and illustrator of the original artwork for Pokémon games. He also has developed conceptual artwork for the movies, and illustrates TCG cards and merchandising. The original artwork for all 151 Generation I Pokémon were done by Sugimori.
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  2. Category:Ken Sugimori Pokémon artwork - Bulbagarden Archives › wiki › Category:Ken

    From Bulbagarden Archives Official art of the various Pokémon species, by Ken Sugimori. Naming convention dictates that these images are to be in the format of (National Dex number) (English name).png. Images may be moved when English names are released for the Pokémon of a new generation.

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    • What? Pokémon Is Evolving, and So Is Ken Sugimori’s Artwork

    It all started in Machida, Japan with a boy named Satoshi Tajiri who loved to watch bugs crawl along the tall grass. Satoshi would spend hours seeing how much different type of insects he could find and draw, marveling at the complexities and uniqueness of nature. Satoshi also loved video games. He loved them so much that he decided to start making a video game fan magazine called Game Freak with his good friend, Ken Sugimori. Eventually, the company grew so popular that they moved away from just talking about games to actually developing games. Satoshi and Ken eventually got to meet and later work with their lifetime hero, the creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto. Flash forward a bunch, and the Game Freakteam is tasked with making a game for the new Nintendo Game Boy. Satoshi is suddenly struck with a bolt of inspiration, like Team Rocket being hit with a Thunder Shock. Satoshi saw two children with their Game Boy’s connected together via the new Link Cable. Remember, that thick land...

    Besides just being Satoshi’s friend and co-collaborator in Pokémon, Ken was also an amazing artist and the lead designer for the original 151 Pokémon! It was because of Ken Sugimori’s artwork that Satoshi wanted to push ahead with the project, even when it cost way too much money. Unfortunately, while Ken’s designs looked great on paper and watercolor, due to the sh*t quality of the original Game Boy, his beautiful creations looked really bad, sometimes even terrifying. Have you ever gazed into the dead eyes of the original Wigglytuff? It’s some haunting stuff. With each installment in the series, computer quality got better and better and was able to more satisfactorily bring Ken’s creations to life. Today, Pokemon are fully-moving 3D models capable of expressions and animations. Needless to say, the digital art has come a long, long way. Other games have tried to capitalize on the collectible creature market that was created in the wake of the Pokémon craze, but nothing has quite...

    Which Pokémon was the first Pokémon ever made? Did any of you say Pikachu? That’s probably because Pikachu’s the first little creature that comes to the top of your head (probably due to its omnipresence in creepy parades). Well, you’re wrong. The first creature ever created was Rhydon! While not being one of the better known Generation One Pokémon, this big guy has a secret influence on the game’s history. Rhydon was the first “official” pocket monster to have real concept art and for that, it’s original image is displayed numerous times throughout the first game, often in shrines or dungeons (see below). But back to Ken. If he’s such a genius at coming up with Pokémon, why are there only 802 creatures instead of thousands? Well, I’m glad you asked.

    Pokémon has gone far beyond Ken and Satoshi ever thought it would and reached people worldwide. This means a lot of money, yes, but also a lot of translation. The games, the show, and card game are currently being translated into nine different languages and while that might not seem like a lot, think about this: almost every single Pokémon’s name is a pun. For example, Farfetch’d. The name “Farfetch’d” is based off of the idea of something being far-fetched, but that’s only because the Japanese name of this Pokemon is Kamonegi, which is not only a fusion of the word for duck and green onion, but a phrase meaning that something is as far-fetched as a roasting duck carrying its own onion for garnish. Phew. Confused yet? Us, too. If each creature’s name has to make punny sense for 9 different regions, there’s a hell of a lot of wordplay that needs to happen. While I wish the quest to catch them all would go on forever, the creators are sticking to under 100 new Pokémon per new game… F...

    • Julian Vercoutere
  4. 54 Ken Sugimori ideas | pokemon art, pokemon, original pokemon › googoogoo757 › ken-sugimori

    h0ppip: “Ken Sugimori’s Original artwork for the first 151 Pokemon (Gen 1 debuted February 27, 1996) Happy 19th Anniversary Pokemon! Pokemon Firered Pikachu Sexy Pokemon Pokemon Games Cute Pokemon Pokemon Movies Ash And Misty Pokemon Official Gym Leaders

  5. The 1st generation 151 Pokémon Original Art. This is the original and official art from Red and Blue games made by Ken Sugimori.Music are Red/Blue/Yellow Gym...

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  6. 10 Original Pokémon Art Designs You Need To See | TheGamer › pokemon-original-concept-art

    May 09, 2020 · A booklet with drawings and concepts by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori was presented to Nintendo in 1990. Looking at the images of the book really puts the journey of the development of Pokémon into perspective. Here are ten images from the concept book that was presented to Nintendo in 1990.

  7. 20 Ken sugimori ideas | pokemon art, original pokemon, pokemon › gelumba › ken-sugimori

    Mar 14, 2016 - Explore G's board "ken sugimori" on Pinterest. See more ideas about pokemon art, original pokemon, pokemon.

  8. Ken Sugimori - Wikipedia › wiki › Ken_Sugimori

    Ken Sugimori is a Japanese video game designer, illustrator, manga artist, and director. He is best known as the primary character designer and art director for the Pokémon franchise. Sugimori is also credited with the art direction for other titles, including Pulseman. Sugimori drew and finalized all of the original 151 Pokémon. He has also worked on the various Pokémon films, trading cards, and other games like the Super Smash Bros. series.

  9. Ken Sugimori - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon ... › wiki › Ken_Sugimori
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    1. Mendel Palace(1989) - Character Designer, Character Digitalizer 2. Smart Ball(1991) - Game Designer, Story, Character Designer 3. Yoshi(1991) - Character Designer 4. Magical Taluluto-kun(1992) - Direction, Game Design, Graphic Design 5. Mario & Wario(1993) - Character Designer 6. Pulseman(1994) - Direction & Game Design, Graphics 7. Pokémon Red and Green(1996) - Character Design, Monster Design 8. Bazaru de Gozaru no Game de Gozaru(1996) - Graphics 9. Pokémon Blue(1996) - Character Design,...

    TCG illustration

    For a list of cards illustrated by Ken Sugimori, go here.


    1. 1998-07-18 Pikachu's Vacation(Character Concept Art) 2. 1998-07-18 Mewtwo Strikes Back(Character Concept Art) 3. 1999-07-17 Pikachu's Rescue Adventure(Character Concept Art) 4. 1999-07-17 The Power of One(Character Concept Art) 5. 2000-07-08 Pikachu & Pichu(Character Concept Art) 6. 2000-07-08 Spell of the Unown: Entei(Character Concept Art) 7. 2001-07-07 Pikachu's PikaBoo(Character Concept Art) 8. 2001-07-07 Celebi: The Voice of the Forest(Character Concept Art) 9. 2002-07-13 Camp Pikachu...

    Sugimori's favorite Pokémon is Gengar due to its simple design.
    Sugimori has designed more Pokémon cards than any other artist.
    Sugimori has a Nintendo 3DS LL with a Dreamcast logo engraved on the top.
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