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  1. In September 2021, Kenneth plead guilty to failing to register as a sex offender, though he wasn’t sentenced until July of the following year. Though he was facing up to a decade in prison, Kenneth was given a year of house arrest as well as three years of probation. He also had to pay a $55,000 fine.

  2. Customer Service is Available 24/7. Call Us at 1.877.890.2213 What is a Mugshot Search or Criminal Records Search? During the booking process, a law enforcement agency or county jail will take a booking photo shortly after the time of arrest. These photos are meant to be public information, but sometimes they're hard to find.

  3. Mugshots Our state-of-the art indexing system is equal to none when it comes to finding high-resolution mug shot images of arrested people nationwide. Every arrest report request will instantly allow you to access this section of our database. Police Records Find police records from the comfort of your home.

  4. The following list of counties in Indiana shows how many arrests and mugshots within the past thirty days we currently have available for you to view. *ALL COUNTIES (8084) Boone (225) Brown (25) Clay (108) Crawford (26) Dubois (96)

  5. Mugshots have several purposes during and after the booking process: firstly, mugshots are needed so that police and officials in the jail will be able to identify prisoners positively. Secondly, mugshots are used in legal proceedings: lawyers, police, and witnesses are shown mugshots to identify defendants.

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    Criminal History Information. Criminal history information may be available for sex offenders on parole or mandatory supervised release through the Illinois Department of Corrections . Click on The link, select 'inmate search' and type in the offender's name or other identifying information. Additional information about a sex offender's ...

  7. A criminal record, found during a criminal background check, generally only includes the charge and sentence, related dates, and identifying information such as the person’s name, birthdate, and address. Local records are sent to the F.B.I. database for national reference after a person is tried.

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