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    • My Keurig Is Not Brewing Coffee But I Hear the Pump Working. If your Keurig is stubbornly refusing to brew that much-needed cup of coffee, there could be a few underlying factors causing the disruption.
    • My Keurig is Dispensing Too Much Coffee. Does your Keurig seem to be on a mission to flood your cup with more coffee than you bargained for? One possible reason for excessive coffee dispensing is a misalignment of the cold water reservoir, brew head, or K-Cup holder.
    • My Keurig Is Dispensing Too Little Coffee. If your Keurig is being stingy with its coffee output, leaving you with a less-than-satisfying cup, there are a couple of potential culprits to consider.
    • My Keurig’s Coffee Tastes Bad. Suddenly, your 'world-renowned' Keurig coffee tastes bad. Oh no! If you’re sure the flavor has only recently turned bad it could be due to a few factors.
    • Problem 1: Keurig Isn’T Working / Brewing Coffee Properly
    • Problem 2: Keurig Won’T Turn on
    • Problem 4: Keurig Is Leaking Water
    • Problem 5: Coffee Is Tasting Like Feet All of A Sudden
    • Blem 6: Keurig 2.0 Showing “Add More Water”
    • Problem 7: Keurig Touchscreen Not Turning on
    • Problem 8: Keurig Not Dispensing Water
    • Problem 9: Keurig Stuck on Preheating
    • Problem 10: Keurig Is Giving A “Prime” Error Message
    • Problem 11: Keurig Isn’T Resetting

    There could be many possible reasons that cause your machine to stop brewing coffee. Here is how to make your Keurig fully functional when you face any of the most common problems:

    This is quite a common problem when you’re trying your set up your newly purchased Keurig or powering the one you’ve been using for a while. Here are the possible fixes for this issue: 1. Perhaps, you forgot plugging in the unit – A rookie mistake, lol! 2. Check your outlet by plugging some other electric machine to make sure if it’s working or not...

    Keurig customers often complain about water leakage, mainly while heating OR out of the bottom. Here are the possible fixes to encounter those problems:

    For instance, if you haven’t changed your coffee brand, there would be several reasons that can affect the taste of your coffee, i.e.; pungent vinegar smell and bad coffee taste. Here are the possible solutions to the most common reasons:

    Try filling the water reservoir to the maximum level and see if the error message persists. If this doesn’t help, here is the possible way to fix this issue: 1. Remove the water tank unit and empty the water fully. 2. Clean the water reservoir with the soap, and non-abrasive cloth (not dishwasher safe), then rinse from top to bottom. 3. Check the v...

    Touchscreen issues are very common with the new Keurig 2.0 brewers, and in often cases, either the touch doesn’t work, or screen goes all blank. There’s nothing more than you can do except unplugging the brewer and plug it back in. If a brewer prompting the start a brew or water only dispense, the problem has been fixed successfully, but if it’s ge...

    When your Keurig got a water pumping problem, you just hear some kind of grinding noise as the Keurig pump attempts but fails to pump the water through. There could be several reasons, but most likely it happens because of water scaling, debris build ups and interferes with the water pump. Here is the possible way to fix this pumping issue: 1. Simp...

    Keurigs usually take around 3 minutes for the initial preheating; if the process takes longer, possibly there’s something wrong with the machine. In this case, just unplug and plug back the machine to start the brewing process once again. Make sure there’s enough water in the reservoir, and it’s seated properly at its place. The problem should be f...

    This error message indicates there’s low or no water is channeling between external and internal water reservoir. This can be due to a handful of reasons: 1. Reservoir is out of alignment 2. Reservoir is dirty 3. Debris clogging the needles This can easily be fixed by cleaning your Keurig and testing it with a water-only brew cycle. Let’s start wit...

    Periodically, you may experience technical issues, and your Keurig is incapable of completing the brewing cycle that will require you a reset of the internal computer. If you’re not sure how to do a basic reset to fix the most common issues you encounter with Keurig brewers: 1. Turn the machine off and unplug for several hours. 2. Plug back the mac...

    • Keurig maker won’t turn on. This is the number one problem you are likely to encounter when you are setting up your brand new Keurig or trying to power the one you have been using.
    • Keurig turns on/shuts off on its own. The Keurig coffee maker is a stellar java tech. You might be led to believe it has a mind of its own. Most users report that their Keurig is haunted as it turns on and off on its own.
    • Keurig isn’t resetting. Resetting your Keurig should be easy as ABC, but you may encounter some challenges. Here are some possible reasons why your Keurig won’t reset
    • Keurig keeps leaking water. Nothing is more annoying than having water on your countertop every morning you try to get a quick coffee brew. What’s even worse is a sludgy mixture of coffee grounds.
    • Keurig Is Not Turning On. There are three reasons why your Keurig might not turn on when you press the power button: You didn’t plug the machine in the right way.
    • Keurig Is Not Brewing. The main reasons why your Keurig doesn’t brew are due to air bubbles and debris in the machine’s inner tubing. To get debris out of your Keurig, try running the machine without a K-cup in it.
    • Keurig Coffee Tastes Bad. Does your coffee taste bad every time you brew it with your Keurig? If so, a few things could be to blame: You haven’t cleaned your machine in a while.
    • Keurig Doesn’t Heat the Water. If you’re making a hot cup of coffee with your Keurig but it comes out cold, there are a few things that could be going on
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