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      • In Vietnam, they are recognized as Vietnamese: Người Khơ-me (literally Khmer people ), one of Vietnam's fifty-three ethnic minorities . In Khmer, Krom means "low" or "below".,.%20In%20Khmer%2C%20Krom%20means%20%22low%22%20or%20%22below%22.
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  2. Khmer Krom - Wikipedia

    In the late 1970s, the Kampuchean Revolutionary Army attacked Vietnam in an attempt to reconquer the areas which were formerly part of the Khmer Empire, but this military adventure was a total disaster and precipitated the invasion of Democratic Kampuchea by the People's Army of Vietnam and subsequent downfall of the Khmer Rouge, with Vietnam ...

    • 1,000 (1999)
    • 3,000 (1999)
    • 1.2 million (1999)
    • 1,260,640 (2009), or 7 millon (1999), or 7 million to over 10 million
  3. Khmer people - Wikipedia

    The majority of the world's Khmer people live in Cambodia, the population of which is over 90% Khmer. Thailand and Vietnam. There are also significant Khmer populations native to Thailand and Vietnam. In Thailand, there are over one million Khmer, mainly in Surin (Soren), Buriram (Borei Rom) and Sisaket (Sri Saket) provinces.

    • >1,000
    • 80,000 (2015)
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  4. Khmer People in Vietnam - Vietnam Royal Tourism

    The ceremonial attire of Khmer women consists of loose trousers, a white scarf, and a split dress reaching down to the knees, which is put on like a pullover. Today young people often dress in European style but young women still retain black trousers. The Khmer have much experience in wet-rice cultivation.

  5. The Khmer in Vietnam - VOV World

    Dec 29, 2015 · (VOVworld) – Vietnam has 1.3 million Khmer people living in the southern provinces of Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Kien Giang, An Giang, Bac Lieu, Can Tho, and Vinh Long. The Khmer do farm work, fish, and produce handicraft products. They have a rich culture of folk songs, folk tales, festivals, temples, and pagodas.

  6. 54 Groups: Khmer People Of Vietnam - Offroad Vietnam Adventures

    Khmer (The Viet is of Mien origin and Khmer Krom) Population. 1,055,174 people. Locality. Soc Trang, Tra Vinh, Can Tho, Kien Giang and An Giang provinces. Customs & Habits. The Khmer mainly practice Brahmanism and Hinayana Buddhism. Before reaching adulthood, young Khmer people often go to pagodas to study and improve their virtues and ...

  7. Khmer People in Mekong Delta, Vietnam Ethnic | Travel Mekong

    Khmer People in Mekong Delta, Vietnam Ethnic, Mekong Delta is concentration of large population of Khmer community in Vietnam. According to the census in 1999, the population of Khmer is over one million people, making up 6.4 % the population of...

  8. Khmer Ethnic Group in Vietnam - History & Tradition - Viet ...

    The Khmer ethnic group of Vietnam people residing in the Mekong Delta concentrated in the southeastern provinces such as Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, An Giang, Kien Giang with the population of about 1.3 million people (2009). The Khmer language has the origin from the Mon-Khmer linguistic group.

  9. Khmer in Vietnam | Joshua Project

    * Scripture Prayers for the Khmer in Vietnam. * Ask the Lord to call people to go to Vietnam and share Christ with the Khmer. * Pray that God will grant favor to any missions agencies that are currently focusing on the Khmer. * Pray that God will use the few Khmer believers share the Gospel with their own people.

  10. Do Khmer people in Vietnam want autonomy since South Vietnam ...

    Khmer people in vietnam absorbed into the Vietnamese polity , they became vietnamese and live just like any other Vietnamese people . Since the late 1970s , there is no serious Khmer secessionist movement or political activity in Vietnam , neither...

  11. Chams - Wikipedia

    While historically complicated, the modern Chams of Cambodia and Vietnam have had friendly relationships with the Khmer and Vietnamese majority. Despite ethnic and religious differences, the majority people of Cambodia and Vietnam have accepted the Cham as closer to them than other minorities.

    • 600,000
    • 10,000
    • 8,500
    • 178,948