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  2. 12 Types of Poems: How to Recognize Them and Write Your Own ... › types-of-poems
    • Sonnet. Sonnets are practically synonymous with Shakespeare, but there are actually two different kinds of this famous poetic form. Having originated in 13 century Italy, the sonnet usually deals with love and has two common forms: the Petrarchan (named for its famous practitioner, the poet Petrarch) and the Shakespearean (also known as the English sonnet).
    • Villanelle. Villanelles have even more specific rules than sonnets. Luckily, many of the lines are repetitions, but this means you’ll have to take care to make those lines meaningful.
    • Haiku. You might remember writing a few of these back in grade school, because not only are these poems short, but they can be very fun to write. The haiku originated in 17 century Japan.
    • Ekphrastic Poems. Ekphrastic poems don’t really have specific rules, but they do speak of another work of art. Ekphrasis comes from the Greek word for “description,” and that’s exactly what this poem should do: vividly describe a painting, statue, photograph, or story.
  3. 7 Common Types of Poetry - YOURDICTIONARY › types-of-poetry

    7 Common Types of Poetry. Haiku Poems. Traditionally, haiku poems are three-line stanzas with a 5/7/5 syllable count. This form of poetry also focuses on the beauty and ... Free Verse Poems. Cinquains. Epic Poems. Ballad Poems.

  4. Poetry 101: Learn About Poetry, Different Types of Poems, and ... › articles › poetry-101-learn
    • Blank verse. Blank verse is poetry written with a precise meter—almost always iambic pentameter—that does not rhyme. Learn more about blank verse here.
    • Rhymed poetry. In contrast to blank verse, rhymed poems rhyme by definition, although their scheme varies. Learn more about rhymed poetry here.
    • Free verse. Free verse poetry is poetry that lacks a consistent rhyme scheme, metrical pattern, or musical form. Learn more about free verse here.
    • Epics. An epic poem is a lengthy, narrative work of poetry. These long poems typically detail extraordinary feats and adventures of characters from a distant past.
  5. 25 Types of Poetry - Reading Rockets › content › pdfs

    25 Types of Poetry line 2-ing poems line 1: subject is one word or a short sentence -10 words with ing Cold Weather Blowing Snowing Freezing Misting Acrostic Poem Use the letters of the word to write the word downward and use a word or words for your poem. R eading and exploring new worlds. E xciting new conflicts A nd Page turning cliffhangers. D

  6. Glossary of Poetic Genres | Poetry at Harvard › glossary-poetic-genres

    The term "ballad" applies to several other kinds of poetry, including the English ballad stanza, which is a form often associated with the genre. blason. A Renaissance genre characterized by a short catalogue-style description, often of the female body. cento. A poem composed entirely of lines from other poems. dirge.

  7. 55 Types of Poetry Forms › articles › poetry_forms

    A type of poetry consisting of stanzas having seven lines in iambic pentameter. Romanticism A poem about nature and love while having emphasis on the personal experience.

  8. Different Types of Poems and Poetry Structures Explained › blog › different-types-of

    A poem is a piece of writing that relies on rhyme, rhythm and meter to evoke feeling, or to convey setting and story. There are dozens of different poetic forms, such as verse, haiku, sonnet, and ballad. Although poems aren’t defined by their forms, they are distinguished by them.

  9. Types of Poems: Examples by Famous Poets › what-are-different
    • acrostic - uses the letters of a name for lines ("Nicky" by Marie Hughes)
    • ballad - poetic narrative verse ("As You Came from the Holy Land" by Sir Walter Raleigh)
    • blank verse - a non-rhyming poem with a specific meter ("The Princess" by Alfred, Lord Tennyson)
    • burlesque - satiric poem ("Hudibras" by Samuel Butler)
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