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    Eirik received the nickname "Priest Hater" from his unsuccessful relations with the church. As Eirik died without sons, he was succeeded by his brother, as Haakon V of Norway. He was buried in the old cathedral of Bergen, which was demolished in 1531.

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    Jan 11, 2013 · When Margaret of Scotland was twenty years old, she was sent to Norway according to the terms of a marriage agreement signed at Roxburgh on July 25, 1281 to be wed to the thirteen year old King Eric II of Norway. The marriage contract stated that any children born to the couple could inherit the throne of Scotland.

  3. Kong Eric Magnusson av Norge (1268 - 1299) - Genealogy

    Eric II of Norway. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Eirik Magnusson (1268 – 15 July 1299) was the king of Norway from 1280 until 1299. He was the eldest surviving son of king Magnus the Lawmender of Norway, and his wife Ingeborg Eriksdatter, daughter of king Eric IV of Denmark.

  4. Eric Bloodaxe - Wikipedia

    Eric Haraldsson (Old Norse: Eiríkr Haraldsson, Norwegian: Eirik Haraldsson; c. 885 – 954), nicknamed Eric Bloodaxe (Old Norse: Eiríkr blóðøx, Norwegian: Eirik Blodøks), was a 10th-century Norwegian ruler. It is widely speculated that he had short-lived terms as King of Norway and twice as King of Northumbria (c. 947–948 and 952–954).

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    KingERIC II of Norway (ABT 1260 - ____) Notes Children: 2 Sarah OLIVER b: 1816 d: WFT Est 1852-1911 + Matthew ROSS b: 1804 d: WFT Est 1851-1896

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  8. Eric II of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Eric II the Memorable was king of Denmark between 1134 and 1137. Eric was an illegitimate son of Eric I of Denmark, who ruled Denmark from 1095 to 1103. Eric the Memorable rebelled against his uncle Niels of Denmark, and was declared king in 1134. He punished his adversaries severely, and rewarded his supporters handsomely. He was killed by a subject in 1137 and was promptly succeeded by his nephew Eric III of Denmark.

  9. Eric of Pomerania - Wikipedia

    For the later duke of Pomerania, see Eric II, Duke of Pomerania. Eric of Pomerania (1381 or 1382 – 24 September 1459) was the ruler of the Kalmar Union from 1396 until 1439, succeeding his grandaunt, Queen Margaret I.

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    Main article: Fairhair dynasty. Besides becoming sole king after his father Harold's death, Eric Bloodaxe was king jointly with his father for three years before the latter's death. After Harald's death, Eric ruled as "overking" of his brothers, who also held status as kings and had control over certain regions.

    Name, reign
    Birth, parents
    Marriages, issue
    Harald III Sigurdsson Harald Hardrada 1046–1066
    c. 1015 Son of Sigurd Syr and Åsta Gudbrandsdatter
    (1) Elisiv of Kiev Two daughters (2) Tora Torbergsdatter (bigamously) Two sons
    25 September 1066 Stamford Bridge, England aged 50–51
    Magnus II Haraldsson 1066–1069
    c. 1049 Eldest son of Harald III and Tora Torbergsdatter
    Never married
    28 April 1069 Nidaros aged 19–20
    Olaf III Haraldsson Olaf Kyrre 1067–1093
    c. 1050 Youngest son of Harald III and Tora Torbergsdatter
    Ingerid of Denmark No issue
    22 September 1093 Haukbø, Rånrike (now Håkeby, Sweden) aged 42–43
    Haakon Magnusson Haakon Toresfostre 1093–1094
    c. 1069 Illegitimate son of Magnus II
    Never married
    1095 Dovrefjell aged 25–26
    • Period of rulership
  11. Margaret, Maid of Norway - Wikipedia,_Maid_of_Norway

    Margaret, Maid of Norway, was the only child of Eric II, King of Norway, and his first wife, Margaret, daughter of King Alexander III of Scotland. She was born in Tønsberg, a coastal town in southeastern Norway, between March and 9 April 1283, when her mother died, apparently from the complications of childbirth.