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    Eric himself stabbed Nils Svantesson Sture to death. King Philip V of Spain (1683–1746; ruled 1700–24, 1724–46). Suffered from intense melancholia. Ferdinand VI of Spain (1713–59). Like his father Philip V, suffered from melancholia.

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    Jun 26, 2019 · Eric II of Brunswick-Lüneburg, Duke of Calenberg-Göttingen general in the army of Emperor Charles V and King Philip II of Spain. He married in 1545 with Sidonia of Saxony, daughter of Henry V of Saxony. Their marriage remained childless.

  3. Historical comparison of Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey and King Philip II of Spain with Adolph Hitler revealed similar personality traits, possibly characteristic determinants of individuals prone to undertake genocidal measures.

  4. The ‘Hapsburg Jaw’ Came From Royal Inbreeding, New Study Confirms

    Dec 02, 2019 · The ‘Hapsburg Jaw’ Came From Royal Inbreeding, New Study Confirms. Eric Mack Contributor. ... King Charles II of Spain was the last in the Habsburg line and one of the most afflicted with the ...

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    Culture King Philip II of Spain The Philippines were named after King Philip. Sent a Spainish Armada to invade England in 1588. Fought a war against Huguenots in France from 1590-1598 Music, Art, Literature, Theater, Dress, and Manner of Spain's Golden Age were admired and

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    Catherine Jagiellon was born in Kraków as the youngest daughter of King Sigismund I the Old of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth and his wife, Bona Sforza of Milan. Catherine was given a thorough Renaissance education by Italian tutors: she was taught to read, write and speak Latin, German and Italian, instructed in conversation, riding ...

  7. Christopher II (September 29, 1276 – August 2, 1332) was King of Denmark from 1320 to 1326 and again from 1329 until his death. He was a younger son of Eric V of Denmark and Agnes of Brandenburg, daughter of Johann I, Margrave of Brandenburg (d. 1266) and Brigitte of Saxony, the daughter of Albrecht I, Duke of Saxony.

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    The Jacobean era was the period in English and Scottish history that coincides with the reign of James VI of Scotland who also inherited the crown of England in 1603 as James I. The Jacobean era succeeds the Elizabethan era and precedes the Caroline era.

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    Sep 18, 2008 · 3. Carlos II of Spain. Inbreeding can only make genetic and mental defects stronger as in the case of Juana the Mad’s descendant King Carlos II of Spain. He was severely disfigured from birth with a huge elongated head, a misshapen body and a jaw that could not close so he could eat.

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    King Valdemar II of Denmark (1170–1241) ... Eric XII of Sweden (1339 ... Kings & Queens of Spain Philip I of Castile, King of Castile and ruler of the Burgundian ...