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  1. Géza II of Hungary - Wikipediaéza_II_of_Hungary

    Géza; Croatian: Gejza II; Slovak: Gejza II; 1130 – 31 May 1162) was King of Hungary and Croatia from 1141 to 1162. He was the oldest son of Béla the Blind and his wife, Helena of Serbia. When his father died, Géza was still a child and he started ruling under the guardianship of his mother and her brother, Beloš.

    • 16 February 1141
    • Béla II
  2. King Geza of Hungary (Árpád dynasty), II. (c.1130 - 1162 ...

    Jan 22, 2019 · Géza, Slovak: Gejza II, Croatian: Gejza II), (1130, Tolna – 31 May 1162), King of Hungary(1141–1162).[1][2][3] He ascended the throne as a child and during his minority the kingdom was governed by his mother.

  3. Geza II of Hungary (1130-1162) - Find A Grave Memorial

    Geza II, King of Hungary and Crotia 1141 to 1162 Eldest son of Bela II the Blind and Helena of Rascia. His father was a cousin of King Stephen II (1101-1131) of Hungary. Geza was born in Tolna on an estate granted to his father by King Stephen, whom his father succeeded in 1131. His siblings, often in conflict against Geza, were: * Ladislaus

  4. King Geza II of Hungary (1130-1162) • FamilySearch

    King Geza II of Hungary. 1130-1162. Marriage: Helena Evfrosinia Rurik Mstislavna Queen of Novogorod and Kiev. 1130-1193. Children (16) * Elisabeth ARPAD of HUNGARY. 1145-1190.

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  6. Geza Arpad II King of Hungary, Croatia, Dalmatia and Rama ...

    Discover life events, stories and photos about Geza Arpad II King of Hungary, Croatia, Dalmatia and Rama (1130-1162) of Tolna, Tolna, Hungary.

  7. Géza II | king of Hungary | Britannica

    history of Hungary In Hungary: The early kings …secrecy, and Béla’s eldest son, Géza II (1141–62), ruled thereafter unchallenged, but the succession of Géza’s son, Stephen III (1162–72), was disputed by two of his uncles, Ladislas II (1162–63) and Stephen IV (1163–65).

  8. Géza I of Hungary - Wikipediaéza_I_of_Hungary

    Géza was the eldest son of the future King Béla I of Hungary and his wife Richeza or Adelhaid, a daughter of King Mieszko II of Poland. The Illuminated Chronicle narrates that Géza and his brother Ladislaus were born in Poland, where their father who had been banished from Hungary settled in the 1030s. Géza was born in about 1040.

    • 1075
    • Solomon
  9. Transylvanian Saxons - Wikipedia

    The colonization of Transylvania by Germans began under the reign of King Géza II of Hungary (1141–1162). For decades, the main task of these medieval German-speaking settlers was to defend the southeastern borders of the Kingdom of Hungary against foreign invaders stemming most notably from Central Asia (e.g. Cumans and Tatars ).

  10. List of Hungarian monarchs - Wikipedia

    This is a list of Hungarian monarchs, which includes the grand princes (895–1000) and the kings and ruling queens of Hungary (1000–1918). The Principality of Hungary established 895 or 896, following the 9th-century Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin .

    Start of reign
    End of reign
    25 December 1000
    15 August 1038
    Peter the Venetian (1st rule)
    15 August 1038
    September 1041
    (1) Unknown (2) Judith of Schweinfurt (?)
    September 1041
    5 July 1044 Battle of Ménfő
    Géza's daughter
    Peter the Venetian (2nd rule)
    5 July 1044
    September 1046
    (1) Unknown (2) Judith of Schweinfurt (?)
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