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  1. Transylvanian Saxons - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · The colonization of Transylvania by Germans began under the reign of King Géza II of Hungary (1141–1162). For decades, the main task of these medieval German-speaking settlers was to defend the southeastern borders of the Kingdom of Hungary against foreign invaders stemming most notably from Central Asia (e.g. Cumans and Tatars).

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  3. Holy Crown of Hungary - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Hungarian King Géza I on the corona graeca of the Holy Crown of Hungary In the arched frame on the back of the diadem Emperor Michael VII Doukas (1071–1078) is depicted. Below it to the left is the half-length picture of "Kon.

  4. King of Hungary - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Establishment of the title. Before 1000 AD, Hungary was not recognized as a kingdom and the ruler of Hungary was styled Grand Prince of the Hungarians.The first King of Hungary, Stephen I. was crowned on 25 December 1000 (or 1 January 1001) with the crown Pope Sylvester II had sent him and with the consent of Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor.

  5. Mary, Queen of Hungary - Wikipedia,_Queen_of_Hungary

    1 day ago · Mary was crowned "king" of Hungary on 17 September 1382, seven days after Louis the Great's death. Her mother, who assumed regency , absolved the Polish noblemen from their oath of loyalty to Mary in favor of Mary's younger sister, Jadwiga , in early 1383.

  6. Solomon, King of Hungary - Wikipedia,_King_of_Hungary

    5 days ago · Solomon, also Salomon (Hungarian: Salamon; 1053 – 1087) was King of Hungary from 1063. Being the elder son of Andrew I, he was crowned king in his father's lifetime in 1057 or 1058. However, he was forced to flee from Hungary after his uncle, Béla I, dethroned Andrew in 1060. Assisted by German troops, Solomon returned and was again crowned ...

  7. John Zápolya - Wikipedia

    King of Hungary In 1526, the Ottoman Empire crushed the Hungarian royal army in the Battle of Mohács and killed King Louis II. Zápolya was en route to the battlefield with his sizable army but did not participate in the battle for unknown reasons. The Ottomans sacked the royal capital of Buda and occupied Syrmia, then withdrew from Hungary.

  8. Andrew II of Hungary - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Andrew II (Hungarian: II. András, Croatian: Andrija II., Slovak: Ondrej II., Ukrainian: Андрій II; c. 1177 – 21 September 1235), also known as Andrew of Jerusalem, was King of Hungary and Croatia between 1205 and 1235. He ruled the Principality of Halych from 1188 until 1189/1190, and again between 1208/1209 and 1210.

  9. Translation Tuesday: “The Ashes of Hell” by Brahim Darghouthi ...

    1 day ago · I stared at the neatly made bed and whispered, “Forgive me, my dear, if I have to violate your secrets today.”

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